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21st September 2015
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Loyalty programmes come in all shapes and sizes and offer a range of benefits. Whether its the cheap card with the rubber stamp offering Free product after the 5th or 6th visit or a bespoke system with fully branded cards and terminals especially for your business.

Each system trys to attract the customer back for repeat business offering them some sort of incentive what thourghly blew my mind was not only the way that Lyoness does this but also the many other ways it brings revenue into your business via the loyalty programme.

So heres how it works


1, Lyoness is a global system and this is something to really take note of, because as a member you are not only receiving the benefits of the system in this country but in 46 other countries worldwide. As a merchant you are therefore not only attracting your own customers back to the business but Lyoness shoppers from around the world.

2, As with most loyalty programmes you will be offering an incentive for your customers to come back to your business with many systems its Free product or a discount but once again Lyoness have really thought about what customers ultimately want & thats cash back along with shopping points.

So every time your customer who has joined Lyoness shops with you they will get cashback and shopping points depending on the deal you are offering them.

Now heres the clever bit !

Whenever your customer goes out of your shop or business and spends money in any of the thousands of other lyoness merchants some of which are High st shops both in this country and abroad you as the provider of their loyatly card earn 0.5% of everything that they spend for as long as they stay within Lyoness.

3, Now we come back to shopping points ! Having a quiet day on a Monday or Tuesday? Got some extra product to move then use the shopping points as an incentive. Points are worth anthing from £4.50 upwards so you can insentivise your customers and also other lyoness members to come in and redeem their shopping ponts. Turning a quiet day into a not so quiet day.

4, At the back of the system helping integrate all of these features is a CRM (customer relationship manager) provided by Salesforce. This system can help drill right down into your customer base and identify their buying habits, send out newsletters and even create bespoke offers to make sure those customers keep returning.

5 , As a business owner wouldnt it be fantastic to earn money when you are purchasing product for your company well Lyoness gives you the ability to do this as well. By introducing your supplier to Lyoness you will receive cash back and shopping points everytime you place an order. Your supplier will also benefit and will know that they now have you as a loyal customer .


Whats it going to cost me? I hear you say

Well not as much as you think its going to I can assure you, which is why as the bestofsolihull I became a merchant. At present the Terminal and 250 Co branded cards cost £2200 +Vat there are also plans to offer starter packages but details of these have not ben made public as we go to print .

These packages would involve using your own tablet or computer to register sales and would be a starting block prior to uprading to the full terminal with all of the benefits.


Like to know more or register as a merchant?

If you would like to know more or register for updates about the New packages being released then please contact me at https://solihul.sendmedetails.com/lyoness-global-shopping-network.



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