Life Is Confusing Sometimes
13th November 2015
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Just a Line to say I'm Living.  

That I'm not among the dead

Though I'm getting more forgetful  

And mixed up in my head.


I've got used to my arthritis  

To dentures I'm resigned          

I can manage my bifocals    

But, Oh God; I miss my mind.


Sometimes I can't remember  

When I stand upon the stair  

If I'm going up for something

Or I've just come down from there?


Before the fridge so often

My mind is filled with doubt

Have I put some food away?

Or come to take it out?


Sometimes when it's night time

With my woolly cap upon my head

I don't know if I'm retiring

Or have just got out of bed!


If it is my turn to write

I hope you won't get sore

I think I may have written

And don't want to be a bore.


So remember I do think of you

And wish that you were near

But now it's time to mail this 

So I'll say goodbye my dear.


At last I stand before the mail box

My face I'm sure; bright red

Instead of sending this to you 

I've opened it instead!





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Hi! I'm Ann and with my husband John, said 'Farewell' to bestof on 31st July 2017 and are returning to the horticultural trade. Thank you to everyone past and present for reading my blogs.

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