Karl Bickley of Fitnesstrain.me advises you how to ‘Dispel the Training Myths’
1st November 2009
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When it comes to Health and Fitness, there are alot of rumours, heresay and myths that often lead people to make the wrong decisions based on what they may hear or read. This month, I have once again provided comment for Mens Fitness Magazine in an article attempting to clarify these myths and allow people to make the right choices to a new you!


In the article entitled "Outdated Training Beliefs" I provided the following opinions...

To lose weight, train in the fat-burning zone

It’s true that there is only one way to lose weight, but exercising in the fat-burning zone – around 65 per cent of maximum heart rate, so that almost all the calories you burn come from fat – isn’t it. ‘You need to burn more calories than you consume. That’s how you shift fat, regardless of the activity or intensity,’ says performance consultant Karl Bickley of fitnesstrain.me


Exercise before eating

The theory goes that it’s best to train on an empty stomach, because this creates a calorie deficit that speeds up your metabolism for the rest of the day. ‘The best time to train is when you have time to train hard and effectively,’ says Bickley.  ‘Research suggests that the best time is between 5pm and 6pm when our body temperature is highest, but I’d advise you to train when you find it best suits you.’

to read the whole article online, follow this link click here 


People need to realise that we are all individual with unique needs, and no one rule applies! At fitnesstrain.me we treat everyone different and give advice that will allow you to make positives choices and life changes based around YOUR needs, desires and environment!

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