Important to Carry on "Recycling" during festive period
10th December 2015
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The message given by Solihull Council is to make the most of recycling this festive period.

Soilhull council have stated they will take additional recycling that is placed at the side of their recyclable waste, a plastic box or jute bag is ideal, however extra recycling in plastic bags will not be taken.

The Council will take corrugated cardboard to recycle if it is folded down and placed in the recyclable waste bin with polystyrene and plastic wrapping removed.

Residents should place any extra normal household rubbish in bin bags and leave them next to their black wheelie bin or purple sacks.

No extra rubbish will be collected after Monday (Januray 11) when normal collections will resume.

Real Christmas Trees will be collected with household rubbish  from Wednesday (January 6) until Friday (January 15) by the Council.

So keep doing your bit for the environment and keep recycling even more in 2016.

If you want more information on collections in your area over Christmas go to



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