Heronfield rescue Centre - Holiday Hedghog Saviour
21st August 2009
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Do you remember way back when to the halcyon days of seemingly endless school summer holidays?  A whole 6 weeks off school. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all take 6 weeks off work every summer….Though I have just wangled an extra week, but that will be another blog entirely. You returned to school after that lovely break and the first thing the teacher asked the class was to write a story about something interesting that you did in the summer holidays? …. I always hated this one because I never did anything interesting, sorry Mum! Anyway this is probably what my little boy will write about. I am working at home today, I do this a lot its enjoyable and quiet except today I am officially on holiday and so my son is here. I was just checking on him when I noticed a small hedgehog through the window lying motionless on the lawn. A tiny little thing obviously in trouble. We went quietly out to investigate. I could see a white and red thing on his head. He looked like he may have been pecked by a bird? By this time I am convinced the baby hedgehog is seriously ill so we popped him in a box and headed to the Heronfield small breeds and rescue centre just out of Knowle www.heronfieldark.org.uk  As luck would have it the little hedgehog was only dehydrated. It turns out he did not have a head injury caused by some horrid bird pecking him. It was in fact a tick, which I was reliably informed would be taken off with tweezers. So we have done our good deed for the day. My son has something vaguely unusual to write about on return to school. The little hedgehog is as we speak being made cosy by the hedgehog expert that the rescue centre were phoning when I left. If you would like to visit or volunteer to help the Herofield rescue centre in Knowle Solihull  which is a not for profit organisation see their website or pop along and see if you can help. Helpers must be a minimum of 14 years old.

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