Handy Hints for Beautiful Lawns this Spring and Summer
13th March 2012
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Handy Hints for a beautiful Lawn this Spring and Summer


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Here's a few more handy hints and tips for beautiful lawns;

  • Trim the edges of the lawn whenever you mow to keep crisp lines that clearly show you care for your lawn.
  • Cut lawn edges with a half-moon edging iron to ensure they look neat and well shaped.
  • Use a spring-tine rake to remove dead grass, thatch and other debris that will otherwise prevent healthy grass growth.
  • On heavy clay soils, aerate the lawn in early spring with a garden fork or hollow-tined aerator to improve drainage and help reduce waterlogging problems. After aerating, add a top dressing to further improve drainage and ensure healthy grass growth.
  • Water the grass if it really needs it. Water thoroughly to the roots because if you just wet the top you will encourage roots at the surface, which are much more vulnerable to drought damage!
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