Gardening in June
23rd June 2014
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What a fabulous weekend , the sun was shining ,it was beautifull and warm and you could almost watch the grass grow.

This time of year its fantastic to be out in the garden enjoying all the rioutous colour of the bedding plants and summer flowering perennials but there are also so many jobs to do in the garden its a good job it doesnt get dark untill late .

If you have your own greenhouse , tunnel or just a small patch to grow a few vegetables or some fruit bushes you cant beat the taste of something picked and eaten straight away . Its amazing how much you can produce from just a few pots on the patio, a window box or raised bed if you havent tried yet give it a go . If you need any advice or help on what to grow just email me back and i will give you a few ideas to get you started.

Over the next few months I will give you a list of jobs to be looking out for in the garden  month by month , this list wont be exhaustive but will give you a few ideas of jobs to look out for .

If you have any particular gardening problems please email me and I will be happy to help if I can :-

 The Flower Garden:-

You should be planting or have planted all your summer bedding plants out by now , make sure you keep them watered and include a slow release fertiliser in your baskets and tubs to help keep them looking their best during the summer.

Where bedding plants have become a bit leggy trim them back so that they become more bushy and will produce more flowers , this is particularly important with fuschias which will really benefit from this. Pinch out the tips and try rooting them in a small pot of water and before long you will have even more plants.

Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered  while they establish 

Dead head roses to keep the blooms forming on repeat flowerers and watch out for greenfly and blackspot and spray every 10days to keep them healthy.

Sweet peas should have their blooms picked as soon as they start flowering to encourage more blooms .

In the herbacous border tie up and use supports on all tall floppy perennials such as michaelmas daisy and campanulas .

Cut back all bulb foliage as soon as it has died back naturally and put the nutrition back into the bulb. In areas where clumps are over crowded lift and divide 

Keep tying in climbers as they grow to provide a neat habit and prevent stems snapping , When planting clematis plant a low growing shrub at the base of the plant or plant the base of the clematis in shade ( they love cool roots ).

Vegetable Garden

Keep pinching side shoots from Tomatoes unless you have the tumbler type in hanging baskets in which case just feed them once the first truss has set.

Continue earthing up potato plants as they grow ,if planted in bags simply add more compost to half way up the plant stem. Early potatoes can be harvested now they are usually ready 10 weeks after planting.

As you harvest salad crops resow every two weeks to give you a continuous supply through the summer .

Plant out all tender vegetable plants such as tomatoes , cucumber ,courgette ,marrow and melon now that the risk of frost has passed.

Use cabbage collars when planting cabbages to prevent cabbage root fly attack and cover carrots with fleece or envionmesh to protect carrots from carrot fly.

Last chance to sow runner beans directly in the ground and water well .

Fruit Garden

Thin out fruit on apples and pears if there has been a particularly heavy set to allow for bigger and better fruit .

Prune plum and cherry trees now .

Cover developing soft fruit from birds by covering bushes with netting they particularly like my redcurrants.

Remove strawberry runners to allow more vigour in your plants or peg some down if you want some new plants for next year.

Top dress patio fruit trees with slow release fertiliser and fresh compost 

The Lawn

As the weather gets hotter and drier set the mower blades higher to reduce stress on the grass.

Apply weed feed and moss killer or lawn sand to your lawn avoid periods of drought , try and apply the day before  we have some rain or water in after two days . 

See you next Month have Fun

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