Finding new business and keeping customers happy
3rd August 2009
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Keeping customers happy and finding new business has never been more important. If you don’t somebody else will. I returned from my summer holiday last week. First day back on Thursday was my regular 4N business networking meeting. It’s always a great meeting over breakfast. We have a really vibrant busy group in Hockley heath and it’s always good for a few laughs. If you want to come along email me at and I’ll book you into a meeting to try it. This Thursday Paul Harris a business coach from The Business Booster was speaking on active listening. Having heard Paul Harris speak on a few occasions now he’s always motivational and inspirational with a low key way of presenting that makes you want to listen to him rather than be almost forced into it like some presenters. Anyway Thursday’s presentation on active listening really got me thinking.  To really listen to what someone is saying can allow you to get ahead of the competition. I often make notes when I am out and about seeing members of the best of Solihull or presenting to new businesses who are interested in joining us though I have often wondered if my note taking can appear rude. Not so says Paul, if you make notes your customer will see that you are interested in and value what they say. To find out how active listening can help you get more new customers and keep existing ones read more about Paul Harris here you can email Paul from his feature here and he will send you the pdf on active listening.

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