Fight the daily stresses with remedial massage!
1st February 2010
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So you have had a stressful day in the office, a hard days commuting or just feeling a bit under the weather.. Have you thought about how beneficial a massage could really be for you? Aside of the pampering and relaxation aspect of massage, it can also be used as an essential tool to helping to improve your health, well being and relieve your aches and pains!

To give you an idea of the effects of regular massage, here are some of the main benefits you could experience;-

General circulation – massage will stimulate increased blood flow to the area being treated, this helps provide an increased supply of healing nutrients to the tissues and cells and therefore helps improve the recovery and condition of the tissue.

Scar tissue and adhesions – regular massage will identify area’s of concern and will help alleviate and break down any small amounts of scar tissue that form following activity. Breaking down the scar tissue at this stage can help prevent injury and chronic conditions (...and pain)

Fibre alignment – both post activity and during the recovery from exercise muscles fibres can bundle together and adhere into a knot. These knots will prevent smooth movements and interaction between fibres. This will cause stiffness, tightness and often pain. Regular remedial treatment can help prevent this.

Tissue flexibility – massage can stretch, mobilise and stimulate areas of tissue that cannot be effectively reached through exercise or stretching. These muscles can directly hamper performance, but this risk is greatly reduced with regular treatment.

Lymphatic flow and drainage – the lymphatic system helps rid the tissues of waste products and bi-products from exercise. They work efficiently but regular activity increases the demands on the system. Massage can help with the flow of drainage from localised tissues and speeds up the process of expelling the after effects of intense activity or prolonged stress on your tissues.

Stimulation of the nervous system – Massage benefits the nervous system in 2 ways, firstly it can be used to excite and stimulate the nerve flow and trigger quicker and more efficient muscle activity, which can result in better tissue performance. Secondly using a different type of massage, tissues can be stimulated on a sensory level which will relax and calm tissues, helping reduce any after effects of training or sport and on many occasions reduce the level of pain felt from acute injury or fatigue.

So why not make sure your body is ready for your daily stresses and strains by giving it some TLC in the shape of a regular massage. has been delivering sports and remedial massage since 1996 and has appointments at our Solihull studio as well as mobile treatments available 7 days a week.

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