18th November 2014
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A second progress report on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme produced by leading academic institutions demonstrates that it is enabling participating businesses to grow faster and create more jobs.

The report, entitled Empowering Entrepreneurs, Accelerating Growth, builds on the first progress report  published in April 2013.

It describes analysis that rigorously compares participants’ performance with that of similar businesses that did not undertake the programme, concluding that 10KSB UK increases participating businesses’ growth by between 10% and 25%, relative to what it would have been without the programme.

The Report further concludes, based on independently collected data, that the strong participant revenue growth and job creation described in the first Progress Report continues well beyond graduation, with 90% of participants growing net employment three years after starting the programme, and 88% of participants growing turnover.

After participating in the programme, businesses are on average growing employment between 16% and 26% per year, and growing turnover at between 23% and 42%, depending on when they graduated.

The programme is designed for the leaders of established small businesses who have the ambition and potential to significantly grow their enterprises. Participants benefit from a high quality, comprehensive package of support and expertise to help them take their businesses to the next level. The programme is a partnership between Goldman Sachs, the Goldman Sachs Foundation and the following leading UK universities and business schools:

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