Do you Find Wrapping Christmas Presents Exciting or a Chore?
10th December 2014
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Do you hate the thought of wrapping Christmas Presents? 

Do you find it hard to make the gift look well presented and enticing to open?  

Well we have some great tips on wrapping presents: 

  1. Remove all price tags from the gift.  
  2. Place the gift in an appropriate size gift box (unless it came in a box already).  It is so much easier to wrap a box than an odd shaped item. 
  3. Consider how much wrapping paper you will need to wrap your present - you can do this by placing the gift on a large piece of paper.  Cut sufficient paper that when you bring the paper over the box it reaches just over half way on both sides.  If you find cutting in straight lines is difficult, use a ruler to help you along.
  4. Place the gift or box upside down in the middle of your paper - this will make sure that the recipient opens the top of the gift and not the bottom. 
  5. Fold the paper around the gift. On the horizontal side of the paper, take one side and fold it over to the bottom of your gift. Then take the other side, folding it over, too. Now is where you need that extra inch. Take the longer side and fold it under so that you have a nice smooth crease instead of jagged cutting. Put it on top of the other end and pull it tight. Then tape together.
  6. Fold one side of the box at a time. On one end of your package, fold the corners in so you have kind of like a triangle. Fold the straight end over, then pull it to the top of your package. Tape. Repeat on the other side.  If you want to, add a crease to the triangle flap by folding the straight side over on itself. 
  7. Add a stunning bow to your gift that matches your wrapping paper. 
  8. Finally, add a gift tag!!! 
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