Car booting a great day out for the family
7th August 2009
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I have just started to think about clearing out my loft and garage, I dread it the amount of clutter is a joke. Having done a couple of car boots years ago, one where I made a tidy profit! and spurred on by recent TV programs where excited homeowners take their unwanted clutter to car boots and make oodles of money, I thought I’d take a look on our events page to see what’s on car boot wise in and around Solihull. It’s certainly stepped up a gear.  I was surprised to find pony rides, bouncy castles and slides which makes car booting a great day out for children too. I also noted that apparently people now sell new goods too such as plants and even Wii and X box stuff. With car boots on at Bassetts Pole, Hams Hall, Belfry, Lea Marston, Middleton, Chelmsley Wood, Castle Bromwich, Coleshill and Haseley why not take a trip out to a car boot this weekend?  Sell some unwanted clutter and maybe bag a few bargains.  All I have to do now is clear that loft! Maybe I’ll just take the family for the pony rides and clear the clutter next weekend. Click here for info on car boots and other local Solihull events

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