BUY LOCAL - Supporting your local independent businesses, will help our local economy!
2nd November 2010
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We are very lucky in Solihull we have a high percentage of local independent businesses especially when we compare ourselves to other towns -  we strongly believe  this makes it really important to support our independent businesses, the majority of which offer us really great service and unique products.  An added bonus is that by Buying Local we can also reduce the impact on the environment by reducing our personal 'shopping miles'

BUY LOCAL BECAUSE... when you BUY LOCAL your money boosts OUR local economy!

thebestofsolihull campaign covers ALL business types around Solihull.  The benefits of BUY LOCAL apply to local shops, local service providers, local trades people...

The campaigns initial aim was to make more local businesses aware that by choosing local suppliers above the national chains  more money would be kept in the local economy and this in turn woould put them in a better position to battle any economic changes.

BUY LOCAL because...

  • By Buying Local you reduce the miles your purchase travels.  Using local businesses reduces YOUR personal mileage & environmental impact
  • Buy from your local independent supplier will boost the local economy in Solihull by keeping more money in the local area for longer
  • Buy Local you are doing your bit to support your local independent businesses
  • Feel good the majority of those surveyed WANT to BUY LOCAL to enjoy unique products, and friendly customer service
    Check out for the BUY LOCAL stickers on display around Solihull & make an effort to support local businesses where you can.

If you would like a Free BUY LOCAL sticker to display in your local business just get in touch and we will get one to you!

Click HERE to email us or call Carol on 07775 683480


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