Burglary Campaign launched by West Midlands Police "Who are you welcoming into your home?"
26th October 2016
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I want to share with you all an article in our local Solihull Observer from West Midlands Police asking people " Who are you welcoming into your home?" 

West Midlands Police has launched a burglary campaign aimed at spreading safety advice before the clocks go back and the darker evenings draw in. 

As longer evenings approach, officers are asking people "Who are you welcoming into your home?" to encourage householders to take a few simple steps to ensure their home are secure.

The campaign 'Darker Nights' has it's own dedicated webpage with advice on how to keep your home safe. 

Not only is a webpage available, but hundreds of posters and postcards have been distributed across the region reminding people to 'Lock up, Lights on, Keys safe'. 

Force crime reduction expert, Sergeant Andy Gregory said,

"Each year we see a seasonal spike when the clocks go back so it is important that communities are aware of ways to protect themselves and their property. 

"In under one third of burglaries, thieves gain access through an open window or door.

"By taking simple measures such as making sure you've locked all windows and doors and left a light on before you go out reduces the chance of your home being targeted by thieves."

Residents are advised to report any suspicicious activity to West Midlands Police on 101 or in an emergency dial 999.

A few simple tips to keep your home safe include

  • Secure your doors - check the condition of the frames and glass panels to make sure they are secure
  • When you are out, leave a light on to give the impression that there is someone at home. timer switches can be fitted to operate radios and lights when you are out.
  • Use your burglar alarm if you have one.
  • Never leave a spare key in a hiding place, such as under the doormat or in a flowerpot - a burglar will look there first.
  • Make sure your sheds and garages are secure. Always lock ladders and tools away to stop a burglar using them.


Check out the webpage here  for more advice on the campaign.



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