5th February 2015
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Make your money work for you

February 2nd, 2015

Did you know that the average drill is only used, on average, 12 minutes each year!

We at borroclub want to prove to you it is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and healthier to borrow the drill rather than buy it.

Buy it:

Let’s assume you need to drive circa 5 miles to your local hardware store which can take up to 20/30 minutes at a cost of £0.69, so not much but it is still 20/30 mins of your time wasted.  Then it comes to buying the drill ranging from £20 to £100.  For this example let’s say it costs £50.  So to perform one task you need to spend circa £51.00 and 20/30 minutes of your time before you even start the job!

Drive to drill

borro it:

By borrowing from someone local to you it will reduce the time spent travelling to the shops.  You can search on our website and find someone much closer to home.  Once you have made contact with the sharer you can pop along to collect the item.  Currently on our site we have a drill that can be borrowed for just £3 per day!  The charge for borroclub to put you in touch with the lender is just £0.60 so to use that drill for one day will cost you £3.60 as opposed to £51.00 a saving of £47.40, enough money for a treat such as a takeaway or even better still why not save it towards a holiday!

Walk to drill

Not only will you save money by borrowing but you will help the environment by re-using. Hopefully your lender will live just a short walk away and you won’t even need to get in the car!

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