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In Good Hands Massage, Shrewsbury

Really needed a good massage for my aching back from sitting at work etc. Not only is Tessa the best masseuse, the fact she has a delightfully warm massage bed, beautiful aromas and music and artefacts from the around the world all around you make it the most relaxing experience ever. It's like stepping into somewhere else for an hour. Truly amazing

Ciao Bella Tanning and Waxing, Shrewsbury

Elaine added individual eyelashes for my wedding day for me and my system. She does a test first to make sure you are not allergic and then books you in ofr two hours. Each eyelash is attached individually and she uses a system that is right for you, your eye shape and the occasion and the eyelashes don't ruin your own. She teached you how to look after them and if you do they last up to two weeks or more- mine did all through my honeymoon. She wants you to be happy and works with you. I will definitely be back - my sister has twice already!

Snooty Fox Jewellers, Shrewsbury

David made both mine and my husband's wedding rings and altered nmy vintage engagement ring to fit by changing the shank. He had to cut into my wedding ring to fit it around my engagement ring and he did this perfectly. Not only that, but he fixed an old family watch belonging to my husband and got a new strap - allat the last minute. He knew how important this item was and it really meant the world to both of us. He is now busily working on the vintage watch my husband brought me as a wedding present. He is a great man and highly skilled and we are customers for life.

Computer Therapy, Shrewsbury

My computer started 'dying' recently at a time my boss was on holiday and I had no spare. Graham came to my house, postponing personal and less urgent meetings to be there on several occasions and spent hours getting to the route of the issues. I needed a new hard drive but even then things needed fixing and he worked tirelessly to fix them. Graham definitely goes the extra mile.

AMF Bowling, Shrewsbury

I went bowling with my boyfriend and family on a busy Christmas weekend and I have to say we were really looked after. The staff gave us help to set up our scorecard and were on hand in seconds when a rogue pin wandered down our lane preventing us from playing. Our 'lane host' took care of getting all our drinks and bringing them to us and was really friendly, polite and got us in the festive spirit. We spoke to the manager on the day to pass on our praises of this particular member of staff and want to say well done to all at Shrewsbury's AMF bowling!