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Ciao Bella Shrewsbury - expert waxing, spray tanning and semi permanent make up in the Shrewsbury area.

With over 16 years experience in the beauty industry, Ciao Bella is owned and run by Shrewsbury beauty therapist, Elaine Rowson. Elaine focuses on a select range of beauty services, including high quality spray tanning, permanent makeup, skincare and waxing. Ciao Bella is situated in Elaine's treatment room at home, just outside Shrewsbury town centre. Elaine has built her reputation on results and recommendation.


Some of the more recent treatment additions to Ciao Bella are geared towards helping clients achieve their best skin. These treatments promote cell renewal, collagen production and improve signs of dehydration and ageing. Acne scarring, pigmentation and fine lines can be reduced, and some grades of acne can be greatly improved. All of these treatments are actually incredibly relaxing, despite the use of blades, needles and chemicals!

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliating technique that removed 3-4 weeks worth of dead skin cells and vellus hair using a blade.

Microneedling (collagen. induction) is the process of creating 'micro traumas' in the epidermis to stimulate collagen and elastin induction. The depths of the needles are much more superficial now than in the past, and do not cause unnecessary trauma or bleeding.

Chemical Peels remove the outer epidermal layers leaving radiant skin and improves many skin concerns. peels are much gentler these days and do not require the client to hide away for a week whilst their skin peels away. Usually within a few hours any redness of the skin will have subsided, with some minimal dryness/flaking over the following 2-3 days.

Million Dollar Facial is the must have treatment at the moment and is hugely popular throughout the UK. There are 10 face, body and hair protocols utilising cosmeceutical grade products, dermaplaning, microneedling and lymphatic drainage massage using the amazing Ice Globes. As well as being a Platinum Million Dollar Technician, Elaine is also trained to consult and recommend products to use at home from the cosmeceutical Medi+ range. These active ingredients in this range includes glycolic acid, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, retinol and peptides. There are also 3 nutraceutical cocktails to give you a daily dost of vitamins and collagen to further enhance your results.


Elaine was trained by the UK wax queen, Kim Lawless, and is qualified to wax all body parts, specializing in female and male intimate waxing, i.e. Brazilians & Hollywoods. Elaine's attention to detail has her customers returning every time for all their waxing needs in Shrewsbury.

Ciao Bella uses Kim Lawless’ Cockney Rebel non strip wax/hard wax for all intimate and delicate areas. It is a superior wax which helps to ensure her clients are as comfortable as possible during their waxing session. The hot wax is so gentle on delicate areas that even nostril hair is removed painlessly with it. For legs, chest and back waxing Outback Organics is the strip wax of choice here and Elaine also uses this range of pre and post wax products to ensure skin is as comfortable as possible during and after treatment.

Elaine did advanced brow shaping training with both Epibrow and Billion Dollar Brows to give your brows the best possible shape, and colour if required. This is a very popular treatment at Ciao Bella. In 2017 Elaine also trained in Henna Brows, providing an alternative so traditional tinting services.


Spray tanning is still one the the UK's most popular beauty treatments. Ciao Bella's spray tanning service in Shrewsbury combines Elaine's expertise with the luxury Australian Vani-t brand, giving you a natural-looking, flawless tan. No nasty chemicals, no streaks and no orange glow! It is a quality name, packed full of Australian botanicals for a moisturising tan. But, being price conscious, Elaine can do a full body tan in Shrewsbury for just £18.

Vani-t have developed all their solutions to enable the client to wash it off between 1-4 hours, depending on desired intensity. So no longer will you need to spend 24 hours feeling sticky!



A lash lift & tint treatment at Ciao Bella will give your natural lashes an incredible lift for 6-8 weeks using the Elleebana brand, a very popular treatment that gives fabulous, maintenance free results.

Brow treatments vary from a simply tidy up, to a bespoke, precision brown shaping and tinting service.



Elaine trained in microblading with Epibrow in 2016 and furthered her skills in the use of a digital machine to create powder style brows, eyeliner and lip pigmentation. These treatments are becoming more and more popular and Elaine is  constantly updating her skills and knowledge in treatment techniques, health & safety and legislation in this field. Elaine is fully insured and licensed to carry out these treatments at the home salon.

Elaine is also trained in Saline tattoo removal, a treatment to lighten or remove unwanted permanent make up, it can also help with colour correction treatment plans. This is an alternative to laser removal and in many cases a preferable route to take for removal/lightening of facial areas.

Elaine has taken advanced training to be able to consult and retail the Cosmeceutical skincare range Medi+. Ciao Bella also stock the incredible Blinc Cosemtic range, Vani-t self tanning products, Eve Taylor Skincare and Aloe Clear ingrown hair treatment. 

To find out more about Ciao Bella Shrewsbury, call 07793 824100 or click on the weblink.

Please mention the best of Shrewsbury when contacting Ciao Bella Tanning and Waxing.

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