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Both my cat and dog love Netley Boarding Kennels. They're so well looked after by Tracy who goes above and beyond to make them happy. This is the cleanest kennels ive ever seen and the staff really take pride in their jobs. I wouldnt go anywhere else!
These guys are fantastic. I know my pooch can be a bit of a handful and he's very excitable. I was a bit worried that he'd be too much for them to be fair but they where great with him. I liked that while I was away they posted some pics of him on the Facebook page and he looked really happy, it was good to see he was enjoying himself. I will book him in with them again, even if it's just so he can see the lovely staff there.
I last reviewed this business in 2012 when I only had one dog. At the end of 2013, I adopted a poodle mix from Cyprus, a buddy for Barney my lab mix. Both dogs go to Netley twice a year (sometimes more), they absolutely love it and as soon as they are aware that I am driving towards the farm, they go mental with excitement and can't wait to get out of the Car. I have never had any qualms about leaving them here. It really is a holiday hotel for dogs. They are well exercised, fed, and happy. Very important as much loved part of our family. Den and Barb are lovely friendly approachable warm people and they have a super team of young ladies working for them, who my dogs adore. I especially like that they have set up a FB page so now when I go away, I can see pictures of them playing ball and running around in the exercise field. I can't rate this place enough, wouldn't want to use anywhere else, in fact, would change my holiday dates first!
I've never put my cat in a cattery before so I was a little anxious at the prospect of leaving my very old cat Toby for a couple of weeks. I found the staff very caring and knowledgeable and always going the extra mile to help. Would definitely recommend!!! Toby seemed calm and the staff were able to put my mind at ease when telephoned on numerous occasions to see how he was coping in such an alien environment. I think the heated beds and the comfort from a voice via a radio on constantly helped greatly. I am more than happy to leave my cat here again safe in the knowledge that all his needs will be met and more besides.
Left our cat here for a long weekend - not the best. Left a box of 12 food pouches, chosen specifically because of his difficulty in eating some foods. Only two had been taken from the box. No explanation was given for this when the girl was asked, which lead me to think that either he was not fed or was given food he couldn't cope with. He was clearly in a traumatised state when we collected him which could have been because of the close proximity of very loud, barking dogs. He soiled his cat box on the way home (a thing he has never done before at our regular cattery.). Took a while for him to relax and start purring again. Won't be returning.
Excellent kennels very clean l would recommend to netley boarding kennels again and not far from me
I use these kennels a lot for my dog and I can only sing the highest praise for the standard of care and attention she receives. I have every confidence in the staff who always make both me and my dog feel very welcome. Top marks all round! Stewart Roberts (& Marmite!)
Friendly kennels. Lilly loves it and always returns in wonderful condition.
I cannot recommend Netley Boarding Kennels highly enough. Den and Barb are wonderful with my nervous Saluki Ollie. They are professional and extremely down to earth. I wouldn't kennel Ollie anywhere else.
Efficient very friendly staff. Good facilities. Our dog and cat always see happy to visit.
I would highly recommend Netley Boarding Kennels to any dog owners. All of the staff are friendly and passionate about the welfare of the dogs put into their care. Our 2 dogs always come back home happy and healthy.
I cannot recommend Netley Boarding Kennels highly enough. Den and Barb are wonderful with my nervous Saluki Ollie. They are professional and extremely down to earth. I wouldn't kennel Ollie anywhere else.
I left my two Dalmatians for the first time ever in kennels for just one day. I have to say this was harder than leaving a child at school as you can explain to a child that you will be returning!! My seven year old Dally Sasha would have been totally confused and I have to say that Katie picked up on my worry straight away. Katie's warm welcome and calm demeanour was perfect for two new inmates. They didn't eat their food but this was not through lack of coaxing. I would definitely recommend these kennels which were clean throughout. Katie is a diamond addition to this business and I would have no hesitation leaving my girls with her again.
Always friendly and a relaxed atmosphere. Feel very happy to leave my cat with them. I would recommend to anyone.
Great environment and where the animals stay is great. I am happy to leave my cat there.
Netley has been my dogs second home regularly for the last few months,when I drop her off she can't wait to be there and goes straight to a kennel.On pick up she is happy to see me but also goes to the staff as she has been cared for and loved whilst there. My retriever comes out in good condition and happy with her stay. When I had to leave the country in a hurry when my husband took ill overseas, Barb was fantastic. Katie is a pleasant girl and always shows an interest in the dog and is trying very hard to run a busy kennel. Keep up the good work.
This is a fantastic business, I feel happy when I walk in knowing my dog is going to be looked after. It's very clean and the delightful smell of freshness is warming. My dog has always been well looked after! The girl on reception at the time (Katie) was lovely, smiley and I enjoyed chatting to her about my dog and her own dog! I went away from there with relief I knew my dog would be well looked after by Katie herself. I would like to thank you all for looking after my dog for the week and will look forward to returning and also a huge thank you to Katie who does a brilliant job with the animals.
I am a very regular user of Netley Kennels and I am really delighted at the service I (or more importantly my dog) receive. Katie, the manageress, is always friendly and welcoming, the kennels are spotlessly clean and,most importantly, my dog tugs at the lead to get in. An easy five star recommendation
Superb Kennels!! We left our spaniel, Poppy, in the care of Den and Barb at Netley Kennels over the Christmas period. This was the first time we have left her in kennels and we were delighted when we picked her up as we could tell straight away that she had been well looked after and was happy there, she was wiggling like anything when she saw Barb! I would highly recommend these kennels to anyone, they are clean and airy and unlike many kennels, they smell fresh too, which must be difficult to achieve with so many dogs. They also seem to be the cheapest kennels around which is a big bonus! All the staff were very friendly and clearly animal lovers and although it was obviously a very busy time for them, when we dropped Poppy off and collected her we were greeted by the friendly staff who showed a real interest in our dog, they were all very professional. I will definitely be using these kennels in the future!
We had high hopes for these kennels going by the previous reviews; however, after collecting my dog following a weekend away, we were left very disappointed and will not be putting our doing their care again. My partner dropped our dog off on Friday so I cannot comment on the initial reception, other than reporting that very few questions were asked about our dog upon arrival by the young girl at reception. We wrote an information sheet about our dog for the kennels beforehand to give them a little insight to him as he has not spent much time in kennels. In this info sheet, it explained that our dog usually has a 'Dentastick' each day and that we had packed a couple of filled bones, chews and toys that we hoped would be given to him over the weekend as he is dog that bores easily and is used to company. However, we discovered when we got home that both filled bones AND the new packet of Dentasticks remained unopened, and the chews and toys still in the bag (obviously unopened as our dog destroys plastic chew toys beyond recognition). When we arrived to collect him, he was literally howling when he saw us and no wonder, he'd probably been bored out of his mind! The young girl and man that were there barely said 2 words to us when we went into the office; merely disappearing to collect our belongings and crate (Goodness knows whether this has been used our not) and handed them over. The smell of dogs upon entering the office was quite unpleasant (not quite as fresh as other kennels we have been to previously) and the place generally looked a bit dirty. When our dog was handed to us, he was not wearing his harness we provided due to his strong tendency to pull, which was fine as it was a short distance to the car. Our concern was that his collar appears to be significantly stretched and loose now, making us suspicious that perhaps his harness may not have been used for the entirety of the stay. We also had to return to the kennels after leaving as they had not given us all of our dog's inoculation details back. We understand that kennels are a pretty basic solution when you need your dog to stay somewhere whilst you are away, but when you are paying £10 per night and extra for a half day (which is more expensive than some other kennels we have looked at but dismissed due to the previous reviews found for Netley), you expect to received a better service; feeling that your reasonable wishes and expectations are adhered to. You want to feel like your dog will be left in the best hands- unfortunately, we were not left feeling this way and shall do more research into the next kennels we choose.

Reply from Emma R:
Barb at Netley Kennels replies: "We are sorry that you were disappointed with your dogs stay at our kennels. However, in response to your comments, Christmas is one of our busiest periods of the year and so our staff try to be as quick and efficient as possible when dogs arrive and depart, therefore, if you had provided an information sheet upon arrival, our member of staff would not have needed to ask many questions as she would have had all the information she needed on that sheet. This information would have then been written on the white board on your dogs kennel for reference throughout his/her stay. "Secondly, we always collect the dogs from their kennel as soon as we see the owner as usually the first thing the owner wants to see is their beloved pet when they arrive, and of course their pets are very eager to get to them, especially if they have seen them drive in. I can also assure you that your crate was used, as whatever bedding/crate the owners provide is always put inside our own raised beds. "We would also like to point out that we give every dog a daily dental stick provided by us, however, if owners do send some with their dog then we use those instead. We also ensure that any toys/bones supplied by owners are also given to their dogs throughout their stay. We can only assume that in this instance, our relatively new employee must have forgotten due to it being so busy. We have spoken to her about this and apologise for this oversight. "Regarding the appearance/smell of our kennels, we acknowledge that the floors may well have been muddy as it has been incredibly wet this winter and as I am sure you can appreciate, the mud gets carried in on the dogs and peoples feet. However as soon as the dog walking is over and the owners have left, the reception and walk ways are mopped clean again. We endeavour to keep our kennels extremely clean and disinfected; this is one of our top priorities. So we were very shocked by your comments regarding the smell especially as many people have reported how our kennels smell much fresher than other kennels they have visited. "Finally, we find our prices to be the same, if not cheaper than any other kennel in the local area and again were surprised by your comments regarding this. We are sorry you did not have a good experience at our kennels but hope our comments clarify some of your points."
I can recommend Netley Kennels without hesitation. My dog is always pleased to see the staff on her arrival and she certainly makes a great fuss of them. I know she is well looked after which is a great reassurance as I am away quite often. You will not be disappointed.
Really friendly, so much so that my dog really perks up when she meets the staff on her return for yet another stay. When I am away I feel really confident that my dog is in safe, caring hands and would recommend Netley to anyone. A real find.
Went to check out these Kennels early last year with a view to kennelling my dog Barney. Instantly felt a warmth here. Loved the kennels, felt like the dogs were in the kitchen. Den & Barb are lovely warm people. Barney spent a lovely 2 week 'holiday' here, and enjoyed it, he most certainly did!. Den and Barb and Netley kennels came in to their own later last year. My husband was taken very ill and I had to kennel Barney for at least 6 weeks. It certainly took the pressure off me to know that he was being so well cared for. Every few weeks I'd have to ring them and ask if they could keep him a bit longer. This they did without a second thought and bent over backwards to help. Barney will now never ever be kennelled anywhere else. When Den has come to pick him up, he is so excited!! Makes me feel a bit jealous, actually!
These kennels are the best we have ever used. The staff are fantastic and all credit to the Polish staff who are very friendly and helpful. We would not think of going anywhere else now that we have found Netley Kennels.Thank you so much for a great service and I know our dog George is very happy when he is there and says thanks also. Every success with the business.
My pets all love coming here. It is their holiday away from home!!! Friendly fantastic kennels!
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