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After leaving a panic-stricken message, Graham returned my call within minutes, and agreed to visit the following day. My computer had experienced a complete melt-down, and the operating system, along with everything else needed re-installing. Fortunately none of my data was lost, and Graham was even able to retrieve all of my email data. Friendly, professional and calm, I would certainly recommend Graham to anyone who experiences something similar. :))
Graham is the consummate professional. Calming the technophobe confronted by challenges she does not understand he sorts out my PC while I start to regrow my bitten nails. We still have more to do but I know that Graham can redeem my computing mistakes and make my PC work efficiently. I recommend his healing touch for all IT equipment. He is the best.
Graham has never let us down. Keeping a busy sales team connected is vital to us and Graham responds rapidly and efficiently.
From day to day maintenance to complete new build pc - all of which I have had. I can't fault him. Graham is good, fair and honest. Say no more!
We have Graham a computer that was particularly slow. Graham did his magic and sorted it out - v competitively.
A great service, prompt and reliable. Helped me get a refund from my original supplier. Great job!
There is no hassle with Computer Therapy. Graham comes and looks after all our IT needs. Top bloke.
Great service. Graham saw me within 24hrs and sorted out all my email issue and a few others. All on his birthday. Great value too. Thanks kindly.
My computer started 'dying' recently at a time my boss was on holiday and I had no spare. Graham came to my house, postponing personal and less urgent meetings to be there on several occasions and spent hours getting to the route of the issues. I needed a new hard drive but even then things needed fixing and he worked tirelessly to fix them. Graham definitely goes the extra mile.
Always wiling to help and to answer a question! Graham came out when my computer was running slow and upgraded memory and returned to install new software, even staying after I had to go out early to finish it off. I've spoken to lots of other people who have used Graham and the feedback is always the same. Recommend him!
As always Graham delivers on his promises and at short notice supplied software and got my tablet up & running before the critical deadline. I would recommend to handle my PC, tablet and technology needs. And even the invoice was a pleasure to receive.
We are so glad that we have harnessed the services of Graham to keep our computer running in an efficient manner. We have been dealing with Graham for over a year and have been most impressed with his knowledge and skills, both from a technical and organisational point of view. He has a most amiable personality and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in referring his company to any of our friends and colleagues. Well done Graham. Anne & Trev
Graham truly is a god send when it comes to fixing computers, is pro-active professional approach to work , means that I am now no longer twiddling my thumbs in frustration waiting for my PC to load. Thanks for making a huge difference. I'll definitely be using Graham again and can highly recommend him
Graham has methodically derived the root of a problem with my laptop and finally made it the machine I thought I was buying 4 years ago. It is now faster and more reliable than it was when new. I highly recommend Graham's services.
We have been having a problem with our computer being slow and not able to install or uninstall programs. As this was the first time of having problems we were not in touch with any I.T. personnel, so took a chance with Graham. What a delight to find that not only is he superb at what he does, he also explains in detail the problems he finds (not that I will remember it all!!). He tells you in a very relaxing way so you don't feel uneasy about asking questions, he is very unassuming and polite and if (!!) we ever have another problem we will not hesitate getting Graham to sort it for us.
Graham is superb at dealing with all manner of computer malfunctions. He has years of experience and the patience of a saint.
Has always provided terrific and reliable support for solving computer problems.
Graham is a very professional and competent IT professional. He has helped me get over quite a number of complicated IT issues. Highly recommended.
Thank you very much, Graham, for all your hard work. My computer is working now better than it has done for a long time.
Graham Skeats from Computer Therapy has proved to be extremely efficient in dealing promptly with any problems that I have had on my Computer. He has a very pleasant demeanour and nothing is too much trouble for him. I would certainly recommend him to other people if they have any IT problems.
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Graham for all your help & assistance. Your prompt, calm & courteous approach to restoring our laptop to life was just the computer therapy we needed. Thanks for delivering on everything we asked.
My hero! I rely on my computer for everything and Graham always arrives promptly and puts it right even quicker.
Called Graham Skeats from Computer Therapy as I was having major problems with iTunes and my iPhone. He came out the same day and fixed the problems. Fantastic service, great value, don't know what I would have done without him. Once again, thanks, Graham.
A friend in need is often a pain in the butt - not in Graham's case! He came to my rescue quickly and fixed the problem with equal speed. The unexpected bonus was to have the offer of a 'Peel to Save' card. I paid £10 of which £5 went to Severn hospice and literally that very day enjoyed over £55 of discounts - thanks, Graham!
Graham has visited, installed a large screen, replaced my knackered hard drive and made my PC behave itself with a firmly implanted but gentle boot. Worth every penny [and pound] and to be highly recommended to you all.
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