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I have been seeing Susan for several months now and thoroughly enjoy every minute of each session. Susan has an amazing empathy, a unique calming nature and a hugely proactive approach. I have noticed a big difference in my cycles since seeing Susan and respond really well to the treatment, becoming more regular, getting both ovaries working, feeling more balanced and above all feeling really relaxed about the journey ahead. Whilst the sessions go quickly, Susan never looks at her clock so you feel under no rush and always have her undivided attention because she is so passionate abour her work. Susan is extremely talented and I would refer her to anyone either beginning the journey to becoming a parent or experiencing the inevitable struggles that so many people go through these days! Its money well spent and the most important appointment in my diary!
I went to see Susan Allen of Fertility Reflexology after trying for a baby for 18 months. I had had very irregular periods since coming off the contraceptive pill and although did conceive after the first 7 months of trying, ended up miscarrying 12 weeks later, which was heart breaking. I then found it very difficult trying again and was becoming increasingly more anxious, especially as my periods were still not regular. I felt cheated not knowing when the best time of the month to try was, and really wanted my hormones to settle down to give my husband and I the maximum chance of having a baby. Susan put me completely at ease, and explained in detail how the treatment worked. I felt very comfortable around her, and the opportunity to relax during the treatment was lovely. She did not make any promises, but did explain that in her experience Fertility Reflexology may help with my monthly cycle and make the situation less stressful. After my first 3 sessions of visiting Susan, I had a 28 day cycle, which had not happened since I came off the pill. This was brilliant news and gave me renewed hope. However even better than that was the news the following month that I was pregnant! I remain nervous that I may miscarry again but at least I have got my confidence back that my body is capable of conceiving when I am relaxed and let it. I owe a lot of thanks to Susan for helping me get here, and should I continue to have a healthy pregnancy I will definitely return to her for future treatments. Susan is very professional, but at the same time a good caring listener, on top of that the treatment is undeniably calming and an enjoyable experience. I hope she can help someone else as she has helped me.
I’ve been seeing Susan for reflexology for 8 months and would highly recommend her. I started seeing Susan as I was trying to conceive after having suffered a miscarriage. I was initially quite anxious and stressed, and found that after only one session I suddenly felt much calmer and in control. The sessions always leave me feeling serene and calm. Susan is highly professional, she has always shown a genuine concern in my fertility history, and has been a great support along the way. A visit to Susan is like a visit to a reflexologist, counsellor and best friend all rolled into one!
After three miscarriages,various investigations I began to give up hope of ever being able to carry full term. After a friends recommendation I decided to visit Susan. I immediately felt at ease, relaxed, serene and better able to cope! After several treatments with Susan I am now 20wks pregnant and feeling on top of the world! Susan is an amazing lady with a wonderful gift. I believe without Susans help I wouldn't be where I am today!
I am about to embark on my 4th IVF attempt and have tried various alternative therapies during previous IVF cycles but never reflexology. I have now been visiting Susan at her home for the last few months to try and help prepare my body and mind before I start. I always look forward to visiting Susan at her home and love having reflexology and most of the time drift off right off to sleep. The treatment leaves me feeling completely calm, relaxed and happy. Susan is very caring and takes her job very seriously, she really loves what she does and really wants to help. If you are thinking of trying reflexology and are in the area I would definitely recommend using Susan.
I visited Susan at home in her relaxing treatment room for a year whilst trying for a baby. My cycle was quite irregular and some months I may not have ovulated and I was also quite stressed and anxious. Susan paid real attention to our infertility history and always showed genuine concern and support during that difficult time. As well as completely relaxing and switching off during my treatments, Susan also helped to regulate my cycles. I have been to other reflexologists, but no-one has the same touch of intuition, she is a very reassuring, caring and instinctive person. I believe that Susan helped set us up at the road to parenthood, and we now have gorgeous twins!
I’ve been seeing Susan for reflexology for more than 2 years and can highly recommend her. I initially sought treatment when I was feeling stressed out and run down. Having never had reflexology before (and ticklish feet!) Susan immediately put me at ease. She has an expert touch and is also a good listener. I now go for regular top ups and enjoy a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.
I would readily recommend Susan Allen, a highly skilled and very intuitive reflexologist who provides just the right environment in which to enjoy your treatment. I have also tried both the crystal and coloured light therapy which I found very successful. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
I highly recommend Susan Allen Reflexology. My reflexology treatment with Susan lasted for an hour in her peaceful and relaxing treatment room. Susan is certainly an expert in her field and is very professional and welcoming.
Susan Allen provides a truly exceptional healing experience. I am an Ayurveda practitioner and thus very particular about my own healing/balancing sessions. When Susan Allen was higly recommende to me by another friend I thought I should give her a try. Needless to say it was true bliss as Sussan is a natural healer and her touch is exceptional. She also does Crystal and Coloured Light Therapy and I can recommend her to anyone who is looking for a truly satisfying and highly effective treatment. Dr Dana Bezanov-Urban (East Sheen)
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