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I went to Sarah with serious eczema, feeling generally run down and lacking in energy. Conventional treatment from my GP, largely with steroids, had been of very limited help, with unpleasant side effects. Sarah was able to check my blood and diagnose the cause of my problems. I began a treatment of herbs and creams especially tailored by her to my needs. I also followed a special diet laid down by Sarah, designed to combat the problems with parasites in my blood. Within weeks there was an improvement in my condition. My skin began to clear up and I began to feel generally much better. Naturapathic treatment does not work overnight, you need to be patient but the end result is highly rewarding and entirely without side effects. I’m happy to say that, thanks to Sarah’s treatment, my health has returned to normal and I’m even leading a healthier lifestyle.
Sarah was highly recommended to me by a close friend a couple of years ago. At that time I was experiencing severe muscle pain, irregular periods, occassional bouts of bulimia, constipation & extreme fatigue. I have a history of eating disorders & was very hesitant in seeing a natropath, fearful of someone controlling my diet. I felt completely at ease with sarah from the start. Her knowledge and wisdom is outstanding. I always felt completely supported & respected with sarah, feeling as if we were working as a team, this empowered me to take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing. Two years later I am living in Australia, 24 weeks pregnant ( after thinking I would never be healthy enough to conceive), I have a strong and healthy body and am very happy within myself. Sarah has still been there for me during this major transition in my life. Her compassion, sensitivety, deep integrity and love for people in general is extremely rare and very special.
A reflexologist friend of mine suggested that I come to Sarah for a food intolerance test four years ago, after I had been moaning to her that I was doing lots of exercise and not eating badly but just couldn’t lose weight. I really didn’t know very much at all about food intolerances but I definitely thought I would give it a go as I was fast approaching 14st and am only 5’2”. It is not an exaggeration when I say that the test changed my life! I tested positive for wheat, milk, sugar, chocolate and bizarrely aubergine! I was gutted as it seemed like most of my diet had been eliminated but I was determined to give it a go. The first few weeks were very hard as I figured out what I could eat and battled with sugar cravings, but Sarah gave me a herbal remedy and some supplements that definitely helped. Within 6 months I had lost 3 stone and had more confidence in myself than I had ever had before. My rhinitis had disappeared and my energy levels were really high. I had feared that I would be a Bridget Jones 30 something singleton, but testament to my new found confidence I met my lovely husband Dave and I am now the proud mummy of 8month old Thomas. At 10st now I am still following a dairy, gluten and sugar free diet (as Thomas has some food allergies and reacts to things in my breast milk) but I never feel hungry, can still eat out and find that there is a whole world of food and tastes I would never have discovered before. I am now working as a Food Intolerance Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist myself and am incredibly passionate about the work I do. I know that seeing Sarah and following her treatment programme was a big turning point for me and I am so thankful for all the help and emotional support she gave me during that difficult transition time. I have recommended Sarah to several other people including my mum and none of them have been disappointed by the treatment they have received.
I had always considered myself to be in good health, however a busy life was catching up with me. When I first saw Sarah I was exhausted, run down, constantly picking up colds and becoming frustrated that the solution GPs offered was to prescribe sleeping tablets or anti-depressants. Sarah started me on a regime including some diet alterations and supplements and my health began to quickly restore. I was amazed how much difference it was making and had almost forgotten how good I could feel. I always found Sarah extremely helpful and efficient, both in consultations and via email/phone. I feel lucky that I was put in touch with Sarah as she made such a huge difference to my quality of life. Thanks once again for all of your help. I leave London tomorrow and am looking forward to being back in the sun.
I went to see Sarah in my first trimester of pregnancy. I was feeling anxious, drained, tired, sick and probably at my lowest ever point both physically and mentally. I was worried about the effect the way I was feeling might be having on my baby. All my GP could do was tell me to rest, which wasn’t really good enough for me. I study nutritional therapy and so was already on a pretty healthy diet, but I felt in drastic need of some sorting out and re-balancing. Sarah took a full case history, tested my blood (which was fascinating as she analysed it in front of me and showed me the results) and we chatted about my symptoms, both physical and mental. Sarah made me feel understood, and most importantly, not crazy! She gave me a prescription for supplements and advised dietary changes that I should make. The supplements included vitamins, minerals and flower essences. After a couple of weeks following the programme I began to feel a lot better, and started to feel as if the cloud was lifting. Now I’m nearly 32 weeks pregnant and feel great – healthy and energetic. I’m still following the advice Sarah gave me and am getting a regular supply of flower essences from her to help re-balance any shifting emotions that come up during the pregnancy. I would highly recommend Sarah as a practitioner, she is both professional and understanding, and clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
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