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Just a quick message to says thanks for your help in February / March following the problems I had with my leg from running. I'm pleased to say that the exercises have worked and I got myself back on track with my training. I managed a 12 mile run last week and 11 miles the week before that. I'm running the half marathon as planned on Sunday and feel very confident that I will complete it in around 2 hours. Thanks again for all you help.
Thanks for performing miracles on my left arm. After breaking my left shoulder twice (once skiing, once motor biking), I manage to have a very serious dislocation in December on the same arm. My doctor recommended you, and I could not be happier.
Just wanted to pass on my huge thanks to Edel - she is amazing - I enjoy our banter while she works her magic on my poor tired limbs. I really feel she has helped me a great deal and shows lots of understanding and care. A great asset to your business. See you again soon.
I wanted to feed back to you how impressed I am with your Women's Health Physio service run by Megan Vickers. Thank you so much for solving my pelvic floor and bladder training problem, which I am pleased to say, continues to be fine. Megan is professional, friendly and relaxed which creates a good atmosphere to discuss matters which are perhaps difficult to talk about for some women. I suffered for at least 3 years and so wish I had known about Megan earlier. I would and definitely will recommend the Women's Health Physio to anyone I hear talking about problems which I now know can probably be helped with Physio. I have two sisters who have had bladder operations and after having seen Megan for Physio I am very confident that I shall not be following them to the operating table. Thank you Megan. I will mention your service to my GP in Twickenham.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! For getting me through the last six months, always being positive and pushing me, especially when i didn't feel like it! I'm so grateful for all of your support. Thanks again!
Many thanks for the assistance and help you have provided to me since I first came to see you. I really do appreciate your help and professionalism and to be honest the service I have received at Richmond Physiotherapy. It has frankly been orders of magnitude more professional, more informed, more systematic, more structured and of course of more benefit to me than that provided by several other Chartered Physiotherapists that I have previously seen concerning these matters. So it really is worth "shopping around" to find a good one!
I just wanted to say thank you for fixing my awful calf earlier this year. Badly torn and painful it has, this weekend, sustained me through my first half-marathon in a great time of 1 hour 37. Basically I couldn't have done it without you - your physio and strengthening and conditioning work has paid off big time and I've incorporated them into my regular routine.
When I started to suffer debilitating back pain in December 2012, the first thing I did was go to see Stephen. He had helped me get over a less serious, but still distressing, back issue a few months earlier and I trusted him more than anyone else to help me and to identify what the problem might be. Stephen told me to do exactly what my instincts told me to avoid, which was to keep moving. I actually don’t really remember the exact chain of events because I was in so much pain but I know that it was Stephen who initially suspected it might be a slipped disc (which turned out to be exactly right), told me to get a referral from my GP to a spinal pain specialist who he recommended (who was excellent), avoiding a referral to a back surgeon who might just be inclined to operate. Stephen kept in touch with the pain specialist throughout, explained things to me which I hadn’t completely understood, helped me get additional medication which I needed and was incredibly patient with me when I got in a state about it all! It took quite some time for me to get better and when I was losing patience or thinking that it wouldn’t get better without surgery, Stephen reassured me. He was fantastic throughout and if it weren’t for him I’m not sure what would have happened.
I cannot praise Stephen Perchard highly enough for the expert skill and care with which he treated my son for a double grade II ham string football injury sustained in September 2012. He was in acute pain, could barely walk and was resigned to playing no further football that season, given experience of a previous injury. It is testament to Stephen's outstanding professional expertise that my son was, in fact, not only able to return to playing football a few weeks later, but also successfully completed a 30km Duke of Edinburgh expedition in October. We are indebted to Stephen for making a swift diagnosis and recommending a comprehensive treatment programme of rehabilitation and physiotherapy which produced such an unexpected and rapid recovery. Not only is Stephen a wonderfully gifted phystiotherapist, he is also thoughtful, sociable and charming. If you are looking for a first rate physiotherapist, I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen.
Stephen invested the time and effort to diagnose the real problem. He then came up with the right treatment and I am now running pain free. In addition, via a running assessment, I also received some great advice on simple ways I could improve the efficiency of my running form. A great local physio.
My vote goes to Pippa Rollitt at Richmond Physiotherapy and let me tell you why… Having experienced some real problems with my knee, I headed off to a well-known chain of physiotherapists where I saw two physios; both were young and trendy, with very squeaky voices – get the picture? After six treatments (and a lot of hand-waving and looking at themselves in the mirror) they scratched their highlights and squealed that they didn’t know what was wrong with my knee. I then sort advice from my doctor – he told me that I just needed to rest. Really? £400 lighter and very irritated, I limped into the Richmond Physiotherapy clinic at Rosslyn Park and was seen by Pippa. Having thoroughly examined my knee, she told me she suspected a meniscus tear. Armed with a letter from Pippa, I was then able to convince my doctor to send me for an MRI scan – which confirmed her diagnosis. Pippa, with her wealth of knowledge and experience, was able to diagnose a problem that two other physios and a doctor could not! Her post-operative care and advice made for a speedy recovery. She’s a beautiful lady with a heart of gold who genuinely cares about her patients. I could write about her forever but must dash – got to go for a run…
Kathryn Brodie has been the best physiotherapist from all the ones i've tried in the past 4 months. She is very assertive in her diagnostic and also very effective in the way of treating my problem. I would appreciate if the management of the Richmond practice could recognise the extraordinary work of Kathryn. She is also very friendly and nice.
Have just played tennis for 1 and a half hours - First game for 4 an a half weeks and I didn't have even a twinge of discomfort. Thank you very much for all your help - can't tell you how happy I am!! Hope Italy was fun.
I would like to give some feedback following my recent consultations with Pippa Rollitt. During my training for an Ironman event I picked up a running injury with approximately a month to go before the race. I was devastated as I wasn't able to run for more than 5 minutes without starting to limp and slow down. After 3 sessions with Pippa Rollitt and a strict excerise routine which she wrote up for me and some deep tissue massage, I was able to run again! I went on to complete the 21km run in 2 hours at the end of the Ironman 70.3, I think she is trully a miracle worker and am very grateful for all her help.
I would just like to say a big thank you to Paul White for providing excellent care and treatment. Having suffered shoulder and back problems on and off over formative years finding Paul has enabled me to manage my condition and giving me my life back. Thank you
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the miracle you worked on my back! When I arrived weepily to see you 2 weeks ago, little did I expect that I would be completely better by bow! I have my dream holiday coming up in a few weeks and was worried it would be ruined so I really owe you a debt of gratitude for fixing me! Gilly
Richmond Physiotherapy is a friendly, extremely professional clinic in the heart of Richmond. All the practitioners whether you are there for physio or massage therapy are real experts in their chosen field, treating the problem, however minor skilfully and with excellent knowledge. They deliver the treatment in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment and they deserve to be on the best of Richmond's list of recommendations.
A very poor and dirty service which I would not recommend to anyone. I was very surprised to find that there are no actual treatment rooms. My treatment actually took place at the end of an open plan office. At the end of the office was an area sectioned off by some blue curtains, rather like the cubicles you find in A&E. On my arrival I could hear all the conversations taking place in the cubical next door, so no sense of privacy. The therapist handed me a towel that I would say had been used by the person before me!! And the pillow had loads of oil stains on it!!! Very gross!!! I handed it back. The couch smelt of stale sweat and as I looked down on the floor, there was a great big dirty brown patch on the carpet. The place felt old and very grubby. What concerned me more was the fact that there was no running water where the therapist could wash their hands!! Very grim!!
Certainly the staff we had dealings with have been most professional and courteous. Physio and deep tissue massage have been excellent.
Excellent, expert, friendly and relaxed service. Richmond Physiotherapy has been my first port of call whether it be for a particular problem or for regular massages from the wonderful Yochiko. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
As a lady of a certain age, practically 68 years old, following a serious fall I was introduced to Richmond Physiotherapy by my daughter. Bridget very quickly assessed my injuries, worked on my shoulder, neck and back, gave me exercises and put me out of pain!! How fortunate that I came to Bridget who was sympathetic, full of encouragement and sensible advice. Mille fois merci.
As a professional, I frequently refer patients to Richmond Physiotherapy. I have recently been experiencing them at first hand (excuse the pun).
Excellent help on rehab of my knee . Care went a lot futher than just physio, with advice on fitness and wellbeing. Would not hesitate to recommend .
I visited Richmond Physiotherapy for treatment to an injured achilles tendon and received excellent service from Paul; my condition was diagnosed, treated and resolved within a few visits and I am delighted with my experience from start to finish.
I was recently treated by Brad over a period of 2 months for a SLAP tear in the shoulder. A consultant diagnosis recommended physiotherapy. Brad was excellent at the explaination of the problem and at recommending exercises in order to be able to return to triathlon training and events. (I had previous visits to a chiropractor which did not resolve the issue). Weekly visits to the clinic were follow up with very clear exercise sets sent via email with videos to watch which re-enforced Brad's demonstrations. I'm now in shape to train again without any need to go near a surgeons knife. Thanks Brad.
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