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MAC CHECK UP - We contacted PC ResQ for advice on whether our outdated Mac computer needed replacing. We were impressed by Hefin’s expertise and speed in cleaning up our Mac. He assured us that it met our needs for the time being. In a short visit PC ResQ sorted out our problems, made our system more secure, and saved us the expense of buying a new computer. A reliable local company.
PRINTER AND MICROSOFT WORD PROBLEMS - After a visit from Hefin at PC ResQ, our printing, internet and Office programs issues have all been resolved. Highly recommended and extremely pleasant to deal with.
BRAND NEW MACHINE - I was having major problems with my aged computer and decided it was time for an upgrade. PC ResQ kindly transferred all the documents and photos from my old machine and configured the new one in no time at all. Very professional and highly recommended.
I called Hefin and he was most responsive, getting back to me within a couple of hours. I found his advertisement in a local magazine and it is good to have a reliable IT expert in our area. I was unable to access my emails for a few days and my website was also down. Hefin was most efficient and addressed the problem, as well as giving me advice for future maintenance and how to work some of my software to my best advantage. We shall call on him again when we have any more problems, or need advice.
IT ISSUES FIXED - We called PC ResQ to sort out a whole host of IT issues. Not only were they able to solve the technical problems, but they gave us some great advice. We would highly recommend PC ResQ.
NEW LAPTOP & DESKTOP - I need help setting up two new computers and transfer all my existing data from the old system. PC ResQ did a fantastic job and gave great advice on how to best manage security on the web and what to look out for. Very helpful and highly recommended.
SPEEDY SSD - My aged Windows 7 PC was running very slowly; until I called PC ResQ that is! They upgraded the computer with an SSD drive and the difference is astonishing. It's like a different machine. Very professional and friendly service. Highly recommended.
WHAT A RELIEF! - Having spent four frustrating days tearing my hair out trying to fix a problem with Microsoft Office on my laptop, Hefin from PC ResQ came to the rescue and fixed the problem in no time at all. So thankful and would have no hesitation in recommending to others.
AutoCAD PROBLEMS - The AutoCAD on my laptop started to misbehave and as this was severely impacting my business, I needed expert help and quick. I got help from PC ResQ and they soon discovered that my machine wasn’t running the correct version of Windows for my AutoCAD. They took it away and completely rebuilt the machine with the appropriate version and I'm now back up and running. Fantastic service and extremely patient. Highly recommended.
NEW LAPTOP DELIVERED AND INSTALLED - My old computer finally gave up on me after six years of use. I called PC ResQ for assistance and they kindly brought along a brand new laptop, transferred everything from my broken machine and got it all installed. They also took away my old machine for safe disposal. Great service so I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
SUCH A RELIEF! - My computer setup was causing me a great deal of stress as I wasn’t able to get my contacts, calendar and emails synced with my laptop, iPad and iPhone. This was severely impacting the productivity with my new business. I came across PC ResQ on a local Google search and found them to be a credible outfit and just what I needed. I have to say they were simply fantastic. They switched me over to Office 365 and I can now move ahead with my business in confidence. Thank you so much.
Complete Mac rebuild I needed help to speed up my ever so slow MacBook. Found PC ResQ from a local advert and they did not disappoint. They came and picked up the laptop, completely rebuilt the machine and returned the laptop at an agreed time. Great service and highly recommended.
PASSWORD PROBLEMS - Called on PC ResQ's help as I needed help in sorting out the never ending password prompts on my Mac. In addition to that, they upgraded the computer, iPhone & iPad to the latest version of the Operating System, setup an online backup for my work and made sure that everything was secure. Very pleased with the work carried out. Highly recommended.
MAC DATA TRANSFER - Called PC ResQ to help me transfer all my data from my old MacBook Air to the new one and to also wipe the old one back to factory settings. They did exactly what I asked for in a professional manner. Highly recommended.
OFFICE 365 TRANSFER - I was having problems getting my phone, laptop and iPad to talk to one another so that all my calendar items and contacts were the same on all three. I called PC ResQ and Hefin came to sort it all out for me. The result was to shift my stuff across to Office 365 for a small monthly subscription. All working well now. Thank you.
NEW PC INSTALL - Needed help in setting up my new PC and to transfer all the data from my old computer. Very happy with the work done by Hefin. Very highly recommended.
MAC TRANSFER - Hefin was recommended to me on the basis that as well as providing a professional and efficient service, he is very user-friendly as an adviser, and talks in terms that non-specialists can understand. He set up my new iMac and back-up, transferred data from my old MacBook, sorted out the co-ordination between email programmes on my iMac, iPhone and iPad, and solved several problems with keeping files from my elderly Entourage email programme so that they could still be accessed. He was also willing after the visit to answer follow-up questions via email as I adapted to the new system. He’s a reassuring technical adviser, because he is very good at explaining what he's doing and why, and doesn’t make you feel a digital idiot (even if you suspect you actually are) and therefore inspires greater confidence in using the computer in future. I am happy to recommend his service.
EMAILS ABROAD HEADACHE - PC ResQ sorted out the problem of me getting locked out of my email account every time I go overseas and also gave my Sony laptop a quick health check. No hesitation in recommending them.
'Security software not working properly and laptop full' - An update problem with my security software was fixed and it is now working perfectly. Also, my laptop was becoming full and needed expert assistance to merge my two drives into one. PC ResQ responded promptly and professionally to my request and I am very happy with the work done."
NEW COMPUTER - Wonderful prompt, efficient and friendly service from PC ResQ when struggling getting stuff from decrepit old laptop onto new laptop - many thanks to the team.
STARTUP DISK FULL - I needed urgent help as my Mac became completely unusable as the disk had reached its full capacity. PC ResQ took remote access of my machine and fixed the problem in no time. Thank you.
PASSWORD PROBLEMS ON MAC - I was having a real nightmare with the keychain password access on my MacBook and was preventing me from using the machine. Hefin from PC ResQ came out to fix and also upgraded the system to the latest Operating System. Great job.
TWO COMPUTERS INTO ONE - Using two computers was a bit overkill for our needs and needed help in migrating everything to the one computer as well as installing a new printer. PC ResQ did everything that was asked for and they kindly took away all our old equipment to the recycling plant.
OFFICE 365 & ONEDRIVE - I called PC ResQ to get my emails moved over to Office 365 as well as making sure all my data was securely backed up online and to the external backup drive. Very pleased with their work. Highly recommended.
MAC UPGRADE - I needed help in getting El Capitan and Office 365 installed on my Mac as well as sorting out the sending of emails on the iPhone. Hefin from PC ResQ did everything that was asked for in a very professional manner. Highly recommended.
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