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Genius, affordable and very, very helpful kitchen and bathroom design. David is an invaluable partner, a thoughtful and talented resource. Thoroughly recommended.
David Aldrich Designs redesigned my kitchen-dining room and improved the lean-to. It involved knocking down a wall and removing a chimney, then a complete refit. I was impressed with the ideas, the accuracy of designs and the final result. In addition they are so nice to work with. I can recommend them and would be happy to use them again.
Although David doesn't build or fit kitchens himself he is excellent on kitchen design. He helped us enormously with the design of ours, suggesting options we would never have thought of, providing lots of info on cabinet types, suppliers, work top options, where best to locate extractor fan motor, etc. Highly recommended.
David listened to our ideas and crystallised them into a wonderfully functional but beautiful kitchen. Every morning I come down I smile because it's so perfect.
David did a fantastic job of not only doing the design but also advising on details that I would never have thought of. Highly recommended.
David helped me by suggesting designs for a small kitchenette. He was excellent at working out the best use of space so that we could maximise the amount of storage and worktop area without making the kitchenette so large it would dominate the room. His independence means that he's not motivated by selling any particular firm's kitchen components so he can design exactly what's needed. His knowledge of kitchen design and his understanding of usability are excellent and I thoroughly recommend his service.
David designed our kitchen putting our needs at the centre of the design. He made sure our kitchen would work for us. By creative use of space he included features we had never imagined there would be room for, such as a larder unit. His imaginative and detailed design saved us time and money. David did all the ground work and helped us to choose the best options. We didn't need to leave the house as he brought to show us a wide range of brochures, samples and materials. David's technical design knowledge was of great assistance to our builder who was very impressed by David's detailed design drawings. We love our kitchen. We had waited over 20 years before undertaking the transformation as we had been put off by so many horror stories. Thanks to David the project was low on stress and high on fun!
I particularly value their independence - not tied to a particular product. There is nothing I would change about the design of the kitchen which I think is fairly impressive 6months on so thank you.
We previously had a tiny kitchen, which we were opening up into our dining room. Before our initial consultation we only had vague ideas of what we would like in a kitchen but David helped crystalise these by knowledgeably talking us through the myriad of options, always with a practical slant and an awareness of our budget and ideals. Before we even had any construction work done, he put together a set of diagrams illustrating what the finished result would look like, helping us to visualise the space we had available.<br> <br>David also advised us which suppliers to use, and when they were not able to fulfil every requirement, he suggested other more specialist suppliers that we could get additional items from or other modifications that we could make. He also answered questions from our builder and updated the kitchen design accordingly when required.<br> <br>We are extremely pleased with our finished kitchen and would not hesitate to recommend Superlateral Interior Design to others.
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