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One rainy, miserable Saturday afternoon, my boyfriend told me we were going to Kew for a surprise date. Walking 15 minutes in the pouring rain left me grumpy to say the least. However, when we arrived at the Ceramics cafe, my mood lifted! After much deliberation (there was so much to choose from and we wanted to paint everything!) we picked out the pieces we wanted (a clock and a cookie jar) settled down with mugs of tea and got painting. It was brilliant. There was a huge selection of paint, brushes, sponges and stencils so the sky was the limit when it came to painting! It was such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, a real treat to do something creative and completely different. There was a children's party going on upstairs so it was a little noisy at times but that didn't matter. We chatted to the mums and dads waiting to pick them up, all of them promising to come back soon. Without realising the time, we saw that we had spent nearly three hours there, happily painting and chatting. Once we were happy with our masterpieces we took them to the counter. They are fired in a kiln and you have to collect them at a later date, our were ready the tuesday after. The final results are wonderful, we are so happy with them and they look great at home. We already have plans for what we want to paint next - wedding presents, new baby presents and new home gifts for friends. It is such a perfect gift for someone (or yourself!) We cannot recommend this highly enough, we had a wonderful day and will definitely be back soon - thank you!

Reply from Ceramics Cafe Kew:
Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for such a lovely review.Hope to see you soon:-)
Ceramic Cafe in Kew is such a lovely place to be. I went there with my daughter and other friends with babies to make a beautiful memeories for life. We have done lovely hand and footprints on ceramic plates, coasters and mugs. I came back there few times to make personal presents. I would recommend that place to anyone. Magdalena
My daughter loved the party she came to last Saturday. Lots of little girls decorating cupcake trinket boxes - very sweet. We'd held a party ourselves at the West Ealing branch and it was good to see the facilities available in Kew.
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