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I felt 'GOOD' driving my car for the first time in years. Nikolay brilliantly transformed my 7yr old car's paintwork back into showroom condition. Nikolay took his time, Scotchguard treated the interior; washed and treated the leather seats and finally, painstakingly applied the Diamondbrite sealant to the prepared paintwork. The result proved little short of stunning. no wonder the Diamondbrite treatment is beloved by supercar owners the world over. If you want your car to remain in showroom condition for the life of your car (so sure are they of their product, that Diamondbrite have increased the guarantee from 6 years to life) or want it looking its best to get the best price when you sell it and not give buyers haggling points over the condition, which can cost hundreds, if not thousands, this might prove the best investment you might make. Do your research and let me assure you the YouTUbe before and after pics are genuine and not done full justice on video. Unhesitatingly recommended.
Nikolay of Car Valets Brentford professionally valeted our Toyota RAV4 and then applied the Diamondbrite paint protection and sealant. He did an excellent job and the car looks superb. He also gave us a supply of Diamondbrite shampoo and conserver to help us keep it looking great. Iʼm really impressed with the results and itʼs good to know they offer a 6 year guarantee on the paintwork. I definitely recommend Car Valets Brentford if you want to bring back that ʼshowroom shineʼ to your car.
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