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Lee Smith- fab trainer love these classes- better than any gym & visible results. Would come every day, but it would kill me.
I really enjoyed Davids class. Music was excellent and kept me motivated when i wanted to stop. Felt like dancing Fabulous Interpersonal skills.
I have been attending Bootcamp Pilates in Richmond for 6 months and cannot recommend it highly enough. The classes are amazing, the trainers are friendly and I absolutely love it. It's amazing!!
Bootcamp Pilates in Richmond was a godsend to me when I needed to get fit and toned after prolapsed disc surgery. They are efficient and professional. The instructors are all excellent. Their booking system is all done online and is flexible with a huge variety of class times. It is most definitely a Richmond gem. We are lucky to have it here!
Highly knowledgable staff, every one creative, patient and make my experience fun. Every time I come here I am challenged to improve but I'm never bullied. The place is immaculate. The owner obviously spends a lot of his time making sure the premises matches the service.
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