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just collected my second suit from Neil today... as with the first time I am totally thrilled with it. the quality of cloth is wonderful and once more, putting on a jacket and trousers that were made just for you is magical. The friendly, expert service from Neil helps the experience and the value for money is total too. It's also wonderful to be using a fellow local business person for this service. I am already thinking about my next suit. I call it male pampering. 'It's Birkett and I'm worth it!' haha.A great man with a great service.
I recently had a suit made for me by Neil and I was thrilled with the whole experience - and the suit! I suppose it is a kind of male pampering. You make an appointment and sit on the old leather sofa and answer questions on all sorts of stuff from pocket angle to button shade. I loved it. I also loved picking the material and the lining. The suit of course was fantastic. There is nothing like slipping into something that has been made just for you. It's the best suit I have ever owned without question. Neil's conviviality, good humour and advice all helped the experience. Also I received what I consider to be excellent value considering the price of a half decent off the peg suit. I don't wear suits that often so wanted something a bit special, a bit flash, for special occasions, and I got it. Thanks Neil!
Neil Birkett created a bespoke jacket for me. The whole experience of going through the choice of designs, cloths and features was an education and Neil gave his expert guidance at every step. The finished article fits perfectly - there is a vast difference between tailored and off-the-peg - and the quality is superb. Neil provides those rare qualities of excellent service, fine craftsmanship and humour.
I have been a customer of Neil Birkett for 10 years. Neil is a consummate professional; his personalised service and attention to detail ensure you will buy a suit that looks great and feels good to wear. I recommend Birkett if you have never had a suit made to measure before or if you need a new one.
I have walked past Neil's shop for the 2 years I’ve lived here and never gone in due to my fear of the apparent cost of a handmade suit. How wrong was I !!! Neil created an amazing suit for my wedding and one which all of my guests couldn't believe wasn't considerably more than I paid. The fit, cut and overall experience from beginning to end was first class and I can't recommend Neil enough.
Neil offers excellent service and quality at an affordable price and I have now been a customer for the past 5 yrs - 4 suits, 1 dinner jacket and 1 sports jacket later and I still remain very impressed by the attention to detail and personal service. The fit is superb and the quality of the cloth is never less than excellent. Highly recommended.
Neil, You do the finest men's suits in London, I get stopped on a daily basis and asked where I got my overcoat fom I should carry your cards with me! The prices are exceptional too and real value for money for what you get! Jonathan from Strawberry Hill
Love my new suit. Great fit. Wish I’d met you years ago. Mike BH
I found Neil quite by accident on a trip from America. He's a gem and it's the kind of place you dream about finding: a small shop with personal, impeccable service. And a far better deal than designer this and that. I'll be back for certain when I'm back in the UK. Regards Nick Black
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