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Goodbye 10 stone, hello 9 stone. I wish I had known about this a long time ago. Combining the detox with all the exercise classes was fantastic Weight loss 7lb and 7"
Bread, boredom eating and stress eating are my downfall. I need to keep off white carbs and this 7 days does that for you. Simple and very effective. Weight loss 5lb and 6.5"
A very reliable and healthy approach to losing body fat which gives you the result you want. The regular emails uncannily anticipate the reader's state of mind...!
Extremely pleased. You and your team are life changers! My body has taken on a new shape and I have taken on a new lifestyle
Despite a raging headache for 3 days I even saw results by the Tuesday when I could do up the zip on my skirt total loss 6lbs and 5"
Inchloss has not been just a 3 week experience for me, it has truly become a state of mind and a way of thinking. After dieting for 25 years, and getting steadily bigger rather than smaller, you have offered me a lifeline - total number of inches lost to date since March 2014 is 17"
I have been going to Annie for 4 years now and 2 babies later she has helped me not only shift that baby weight but also encouraged, coaxed and at times pushed me to be the strongest and fittest I have been since my teens. I would thoroughly recommend Annie for both PT and classes, she has boundless energy and enthusiasm and is totally committed to ensure you achieve your goals.
If you want a diet, a lifestyle & fitness regime that works and is more importantly sustainable – where you know you will get the results- you need to use Annie and her team. I have been working with her and her team for the last few years now and yes it was and is hard work, but I am now the lightest and fittest I have ever been and I can’t thank Annie and the team (esp. Aaron) enough for helping me get to where I am today.
I've been meaning to tell you for ages that when I cycle my bike up a hill my stomach muscles click in automatically and give me a nice helping hand. Very pleasing - that's you and your fabby Pilates class that is.
I have been seeing Annie for a number of years, either one to one or through one of her various classes, it never gets boring, she constantly comes up with new ways to push us forward and I have become so much fitter/trimmer and had fun at the same time. Whatever your age or level of fitness I highly recommend her to you.
Annie is passionate about her buisness and extremely professional. One to one is hard work but the results are amazing. I have been training with her for some years now. Annie is fun to be with and the time just flies by. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
I have been attending Annie's pilates class for just over 15 months. I regard it as treatment for my back condition but it's so much more - Enjoyable, fun, informative, encouraging and motivating.
I have been participating in Annie's classes for a number of years now. She is by far the best fitness trainer I have ever worked with. Annie is not only extremely passionate about her work,and extremely caring about her clients, she is also very experienced and very knowledgeable. She is constantly updating her skills and learning new ways to approach her classes. Annie is innovative which means her classes and her teaching are never boring. Annie takes her work very seriously and expects commitment but if you really want to affect your health and fitness and are prepared to put some effort in, Annie will support you 100% of the way and more. Can't recommend her highly enough.
Annieʼs training is brilliant, not just because sheʼs so knowledgeable but the sessions are always varied and great fun.
She worked me very hard and inspired me to do more than I thought I could. I felt really good afterwards.
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As Featured In The Sunday Times Style Magazine
As Featured In The Sunday Times Style Magazine