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Releasing the Fear of Failure

22 January 2010 12:49

Does fear stop you from trying something new? Do you stop yourself from attending training; changing a job that bores you; starting a business that you are passionate about or meeting someone new - because you lack confidence? Find out more...

Putting the World Together

13 January 2010 14:49

For the first blog of 2010 Michelle shares an interesting story. It is about a mother and child taken from a book by Robert Burney.
As so often is the case, the child shares something delightful and incredibly profound that we can all learn from perhaps.

Releasing the Past

21 December 2009 21:47

Negative experiences & traumas that occur in our early lives often create limitations & block our success. These old events affect our decisions, behaviours & beliefs either consciously or subconsciously. Discover how you can free yourself from them now...

Controlling Anger and Negative Behaviours

Find out more about the tools of EFT, NLP & Hypnosis to help to release destructive negative behaviours including anger. In this article we explain the benefits of these new styles of therapy to help you release and maintain the changes you wish to make.

Instant Self-Hypnosis to help you over Christmas

Discover more about the benefits of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis in this article. We include a FREE self-hypnosis script for you to try over the Christmas holiday to help you remain calm and relaxed in all situations!

Optimising individual & organizational performance with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Ever wished to create positives changes in your life? Unsure of the steps to take to make it a reality? Neuro-linguistic Programming can help you gain control over your thoughts. By gaining control over your thoughts you gain control over your life!

The Emotional Freedom Techniques

03 December 2009 11:01

Based on ancient revered systems of acupuncture, EFT or the Emotional Freedom Techniques are an easy self-help tool that will make your life easier, relationships happier, and successes come faster...get what YOU want out of your life - without the pain!

Self-Hypnosis May Cut Stress, Boost Immune System

Discover the negative effects of stress on the mind, body, immune system and relationships. This article highlights the benefits of hypnosis and relaxation to effectively release stress, exhaustion and tension; as well as strengthening the immune system.

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