Instant Self-Hypnosis to help you over Christmas
15th December 2009
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There is a well-known saying in the Hypnotherapy world that ‘All hypnosis is self-hypnosis’. Many people fear Hypnosis as they think they will lose control.

However, during the process of hypnosis you are simply guiding yourself to use a natural ability you already have. So you actually hypnotize yourself!

Once you are in a pleasantly relaxed state, the balance between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind has shifted. The conscious mind is no longer blocking the subconscious, so your deeper mind is more open. The creative possibilities while in this state are endless, take a look -

Hypnosis can help you to transform your life and achieve your dreams [just like Susan Boyle] by:

Building Confidence, Self-Esteem

  • Improve your self-projection.
  • Change negative into positive behaviours.
  • Increase confidence and self-acceptance.
  • Improve self-respect.
  • Release rejection feelings.
  • Heal and release past insecurities.

Becoming a Non-smoker

Eliminate the smoking habit with little or no withdrawal symptoms. Often in as little as one, two or three sessions.

Controlling Weight and Eating Problems

Promote new eating habits. Motivate weight loss (or weight gain if necessary). Maintain desired goal weight. Boost energy and desire for exercise. 

Eliminating Sleep Problemsinsomnia

Be free of Insomnia. Detach from business, personal or professional worries. Awake refreshed with 'your batteries recharged' ready for a great day when you are able to cope with whatever life gives you. 

Managing Stress in All Aspects of Life

Learn techniques to reduce or eliminate stress, cope better with challenges and change specific triggers. Reduce high blood pressure and promote overall relaxation. 

Mastering Public Speaking and Speech Problems

  • Stop blushing, end shyness and be the best you can be.
  • Gain confidence in conversation.
  • Eliminate fear and tension prior to interviews or presentations.
  • Reduce stage, speech or lecture fright.

Ending Anxiety, Panic, Fears and Phobias

Eliminate a fear of something, such as lifts, air travel, crowds, spiders, disease, etc. Learn to react differently. Cope with your fears in a new more positive way. 

Improving Yourself and Quality of Life

Achieve personal fulfillment through motivation, goal-setting and achievement. Instill feelings and belief in personal and professional success. 

Overcoming Learning Difficulties

Increase educational skills, improve study habits, and enhance your memory and concentration. Instill positive attitudes to learning. Improve exam techniques.

successImproving Sports Performance

  • Refine athletic performance.
  • Provide strong focus.
  • Create sense of success, winning, and achievement.
  • Increase stamina and co-ordination.
  • Install a winning attitude.

Increasing Personal Creativity

Release blocked potential and obstacles in areas such as writing, painting and performing arts. Aid insight, problem solving, motivation, discover new talents, and thereby increase happiness, passion and achieve the goals you have set for yourself etc.

Promoting Good Health

Ease the symptoms and reduce the effects of such chronic problems as colitis, muscle spasm and ulcers. Control asthma, migraine, etc. Ease skin disorders. Improve the immune system and promote natural healing. 

Controlling Pain

Safe, natural alternative to anaesthetic for surgery, burns, dentistry etc. Control pain in chronic conditions such as arthritis, dental pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines or back pain. Enjoy a pain-free experience of giving birth. 

Changing Negative Habits and Promote New Ones

  • Increase motivation.
  • Become more positive in yourself and for your life.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and patterns.
  • Release anger, grief, and frustration.

Free Self-Hypnosis Script

As an early Christmas gift from Santa to help you during the holidays, click on the following link to take to you through an easy step by step self-hypnosis process:

Why not treat yourself and your family to a little relaxation for Christmas? Try something new as the New Year approaches and help yourself remain calm and relaxed in all situations. Remember:

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood."
Marie Curie

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