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13th January 2010
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This story is quoted in Burney’s book [Robert Burney – The Dance of the Wounded Souls p.88].

Robert states; “I heard this at a Twelve Step meeting. It is a story about a parent and a child. This is one of those times when the parent was busy with something that needed to be done and the child was bored and wanted some attention. The parent needed to concentrate and was desperate to find something to distract the child for a little while so that the parent could get done with what needed to be done and could then give the child some attention.

In glancing around, the parent noticed a large fold out map of the world from a magazine. The parent took the map of the world and cut it up into pieces and gave it to the child along with some scotch tape and said, ‘Here honey, why don’t you see how quickly you can put this map of the world together.’

The child liked this idea and quickly went to work. The parent was sure that this little ploy had bought some valuable time to get finished with the project in hand. But in only a very few minutes the child called out that the map was all put together. The parent could not believe it and went over to where the child was sitting on the floor and was astounded to see the map all put together.

‘How did you do it so fast?!’ The parent asked.

The child, looking a little sheepish, said, ‘Well I kinda cheated a little. On the other side of the map of the world was the picture of a person. I just put the person together and the world came together all by itself.’

So if we just focus on putting ourselves together the world will take care of itself.”

I fully agree with this sentiment.

Gandhi said 'You must be the change you want to see in the world.'

This is what we are and do with our clients as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioners. We tap on ourselves while we help others. We begin to put ourselves together with each client we work (and tap) with. This creates a ripple effect within our lives, relationships and our ‘world’ as well as that of the client. No matter how big the drop is in a pond it still creates a ripple...

Putting our pieces together has got to be the way forward for 2010. How can we ask our clients to tap if we don’t do it ourselves? The more we use the Hawaiian Huna and Ho'oponopono principle [as seeing everything as a mirror of ourselves] - the more we and our ‘world’ improve.

My greatest satisfaction and thrill comes when I work with a client and put back those 'pieces'. Sometimes that happens quickly other times it takes a while. Depends on the situation and the client.

I am so passionate and fired-up about what I do and the tools I use. As I truly love putting the pieces (of myself) and others back together in a new and empowered way.

When I begin a consultation we look at these pieces that are separate, and together with the client we co-create a new way to view the pieces with EFT. Depending on the available time after that using the combined tools of Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we then integrate the new pieces back into the person for the most and beneficial positive effect.

What a joy that is!

"You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself."
Robert Burney

Please feel free to share other books that have had an impact on your journey (and why)! I would love to share them in my next blog. Contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

I was thrilled to learn that after I sent out information about the meaning of this New Year to those of you on my online emailing list, a group of people in Shanghai, China and another group in New Zealand decided to get together and have a meditation evening and co-create change in their lives.

I was thrilled to learn that what I shared had value to some of you.
Big Thanks for that guys! You made my day!

If you are ready to put the pieces of yourself/life together then contact me. Ask about my 2-for-1 January special. Get the benefits of a two hour consultation and pay only for one! Call me on Ph: 07857369619 and mention 'The Best of Rhyl' Blog

Warm regards to you all from snowy Rhyl!

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