The Emotional Freedom Techniques
3rd December 2009
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What is EFT?
The Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is often referred to as ‘psychological acupuncture’ - except it doesn’t use needles. It is one of a rapidly growing group of therapies known as ‘Energy Therapies’ which work on the energy meridians (or pathways) that run throughout the body.

How does it work?

Similar to a log that falls across a stream, EFT removes the log and allows the ‘stream’ pathway or energy to flow freely again. EFT is done by tapping with your fingertips on various points around the face & body. This helps to realign the subtle energies or pathways and allows them to flow freely. The tapping helps to release the blocked or locked in feelings, which have been causing the problem.

What can it be used for?

EFT Founder Gary Craig suggests it be ‘used on everything’. EFT has helped many people around the world free themselves from limitation and fear. For example, from:
·    pain, migraine
·    negative thoughts
·    fears and anxieties
·    cravings and addictive urges/ patterns
·    procrastination and lack of confidence
·    trauma
·    outdated beliefs and programs

EFT empowers clients to help themselves to get better. Most EFT practitioners teach their clients the EFT protocol so that they can use EFT whenever and wherever the need arises. EFT can be used with children, the elderly, family members, yourself and even pets. EFT practitioners report a wide variety of examples and conditions on the EFT website ( Check them out for yourself – fascinating reading!

Where did EFT originate?
EFT grew out TFT (Thought Field Therapy) which is a combination of acupuncture, acupressure and kinesiology. An extremely effective, albeit cumbersome, range of set tapping processes developed by US psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. An early TFT practitioner was Gary Craig who felt that TFT was too complicated. Using his engineering background he took TFT apart and reassembled it into a much simpler form known now as EFT.

Underlying Causes
Stubborn issues often have underlying emotional causes that sabotage or block our success, making it difficult to change. EFT uncovers these underlying causes that have become deeply and intricately woven within our belief systems and values.

I recall a person I worked with in early 2000, who suffered from Arthritis. During the application of EFT the size of the pain area decreased, as did the discomfort. As we worked together, EFT helped gently release old anger, guilt, shame & remorse that had kept the person stuck in the past and unable to move forward. Once these feelings were resolved, the pain & numbness left completely. After 60 minutes the pain was gone. Years of suffering and after an hour of EFT, the pain had dissipated along with the negative beliefs, fear and underlying causes that had held the condition in place. 

These personal breakthroughs are what makes EFT so astounding. Even though a person has been suffering from a condition for a long time, it does not require years to release. EFT can help to pinpoint the emotions, beliefs, feelings that contribute to the condition and gives us the tools to ‘tap’ them away.

Why not add to your skills for the New Year? Empower yourself

EFT frees us from pushing down feelings of enthusiasm, dissatisfaction or tiredness, anxiety, restlessness, emptiness or misery. EFT can assist us in many areas of our lives helping us to cope more easily with change; make improvements in our situations; lifestyle; habits and behaviours. If we choose to apply EFT it can even put an end to unhealthy or meaningless behaviours. If you look at it like this – you can’t afford not to learn out more about EFT!

What next?

For more information go to the EFT site and download the free EFT manual. This is a very basic guide to give you a little more understanding. EFT can also be added to an existing tool box in a therapeutic environment, to help get more consistent, effective results and ensure quality time is spent with each client.

For more skills and a deeper understanding you can either attend an EFT live training where you can ask questions and get immediate answers from the trainer as well as an opportunity (if you choose) for a personal break-through.

Alternatively you can purchase a set of Gary Craig’s extensive DVD’s which contain in-depth instruction and information.

Until next time, be well and remember happiness and well-being are at your fingertips with EFT....

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