Lost teeth? No longer Smile? and don't want dentures? Eastgate Dental Lab may have the answer
11th November 2011
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Recently a friend had an accident and had two front teeth knocked out.  My friend was devastated – she always had a stunning smile with beautiful uniform white teeth.  Imagine her horror.  Her confidence died and so did the smile! 

However all was not lost

Eastgate Dental laboratory specialises in crafting pretty replacement teeth.  They can restore not only your smile but confidence and self-esteem.  Once a preserve of the rich and famous, implants are now widely available for all.  Gaps are unsightly and ill-fitting dentures, if you have ever had to endure them you will know this, are very unpleasant as they may slip or make you gag.

At Eastgate lab they specialise in implant work, which can eliminate many of the problems associated with ill fitting dentures. 

Implants are constructed from Titanium or Titanium Zirconium and are positioned by the dentist, into the jawbone to mimic the missing tooth root.  Onto this implant ‘base’ can be fitted crowns, bridges or dentures, -cemented on, or screwed in place. Dentures can be fixed using bars or ‘poppers’ so that the patient can remove them themselves for daily cleaning. The result is a perfect smile with teeth that look and feel like your own...only better.

•    help encourage the preservation of natural jaw bone and consequently the facial structures
•    can restore single teeth which means that neighbouring healthy teeth do not have to be cut down for bridgework.
•    Can anchor dentures in place so they cannot fall out / be loose and no fixative is needed.
•    Are now available in West Wales through a number of Implant trained dentists, often with easy payment terms available to help spread the cost.

Eastgate Dental Laboratory
work closely with Dental Practices throughout West Wales ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient.  To contact Eastgate Dental Laboratory call now on 01646 429 124

PS Thebestof is proud to have West Wales Dental Implant Clinic as a business member on thebestof Carmarthenshire.  So if you are looking for a reliable dentist to perform the implant then   Click here for more details.

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