Let Garra Rufa Fish nibble your feet until they are smooth and soft!
31st August 2011
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Today was a real treat.  I went to visit Utopia Hair and Beauty Salon in Narberth as a prospective member of thebestof Pembrokeshire.  Did they qualify? Of course they did.  It is fabulous salon run by Sharon Whitehouse and her team of well qualified, friendly and happy staff.

But the treat…… have you ever heard of Garra Rufa Fish?  No?...... I hadn’t either but they are amazing nibblers – its the only way I can describe them.

This is a pedicure to beat all pedicures.  I don’t know about your feet, but mine after wearing sandals and flip flops all summer are quite battered with lots of hard skin – Yukky I know but the Garra Rufa Fish nibble all this hard dead skin away leaving beautifully soft and smooth skin.  In fact when we think about it we all should take much more care of our feet than we do.  After all we ask a lot of our feet – transporting us everywhere.  Painful uncared for feet can cause many other health problems so it pays to keep them in tip top condition and one way is to regularly sloth off the build up of hard dead skin. And what better way than with a shoal of little fish?

Salma  (Sharon's lovely Mum and a stalwart in the salon) cleaned my feet first to ensure no contaminants entered the fish pool, then I perched up on a comfortable bench and let my feet dangle in the pool below.  Immediately a shoal of little Garra Rufa Fish swarmed all over my feet and toes.  The sensation was a little tickly but incredibly calming.  It does not hurt at all and the whole effect is very soothing.  My feet certainly needed a lot of work.  I sat comfortably dangling my feet in tepid water for around 20 minutes letting the Garra Rufa fish do their work.

The effect is amazing. I quickly dried my feet and before adding a foot lotion I could feel the difference - they felt incredibly soft and smooth.  I would recommend this before any pedicure.  For more information give Utopia a call on 01834 860000

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