If you have a website how important is linking?
28th December 2011
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Do you have a website?

Are you linked to other relevant websites?

Just How Important is Linking?

Timely advice from online marketing expert Nigel Bloxham from IRUN
Linking should be part of every businesses online marketing strategy. Not only do the links drive traffic to your site, but Google loves seeing them. It’s simple really, the more relevent links Google can find going back to your site, the higher it will rank it. The links show interaction is happening around your website, which Google is starting to appreciate more and more...
These allow you to enter company information around the link, it all adds to your online credibility.
Social Media sites, (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) are bursting with opportunities to get links back to your site. Post a link in your status update, put it on a photo caption, list it on your profile... the chances are there - but are you taking advantage?
If you need any assistance with creating your 'linking strategy' please let us know.

Tip Of The Month - Check your content
It is too easy to copy images and words from other websites...
...which is why many businesses infringe 'copyright' without sometimes realising.  Where a business has multiple site administrators it is essential that clear guidelines are in place to ensure all content can be legitimately used.
Also, its always worth checking spelling and punctuation.

Nigel Bloxham is a specialist in internet marketing and in particular CRM Customer Relationship Management systems.

Nigel is offering a free business / marketing review . We will provide a brief survey to help understand where your key opportunities lie. This will be followed by a conference call with members of the IRUN business development team to help identify how these opportunities may be maximised. If you would like to undertake this review please let me know by email or call on 01437 839 039

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