Does Microsoft Publisher work for you?
4th November 2011
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Do you use Microsoft Publisher? 
Many of us do use it on our home computers and indeed some small businesses use it very effectively for small designs but…

Have you been frustrated when sending your completed artwork over to your printers it fails to remain as your original design?

The designers at Modern Print believe they have the answer…….

Microsoft Publisher is a design package created for printing on home and office printers. It was never intended for commercial production which is why it is completely unsuited to it. Professional graphic designers would not dream of using it to produce their work.

There are two main reasons for this -
Firstly it is a very basic design software which has none of the sophistication or controls that professional layout packages have, such as Adobe InDesign and Quark Express
Secondly it is intended for designing simple jobs which would then be printed from the very same computer, without transferring the file. This is because it is not at all good at linking to the fonts and graphics you select from your computer to use in the design. Once you transfer the file to another machine that does not have the same fonts or graphics, the design falls to pieces.
This even happens when you save the file as a PDF. You see the underlying architecture is just not designed for it. You could be the worlds greatest Microsoft Publisher operator but the limitations of the software would still stop you from using it for professional print production, in most cases.

Unlike most printers Modern Print will take Microsoft Publisher PDF files if they are intended to be printed digitally, rather than in bulk on the printing press. However they do ask for the file to be accompanied by a print out of the design from your PC.  This will show the design guys how the original design appears and the fonts used so if anything has corrupted during the transfer they can put it right.   All part of the service at Modern Print.

So if you are looking for quality print-work or indeed graphic design then Modern Print are the boys to call! 

Call now on 01646 429 209 or drop them an email or drop into their design agency and print works in Pembroke Dock.

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