Do you store and use data on your customers for their benefit??
25th July 2011
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How do you store data about your customers? A more pertinent question might be -do you store data about your Customers?
Do you collect data about your Customers particularly their buying patterns?
Why are data bases crucial to your business?
Did you know having a database can increase your Profit?

Take Tescos as an example.  They use a loyalty card to collect data and if you shop on line they have a record of the type of food and products you buy and guess what – they target you with specific offers of food or products they know you buy so you buy more and what’s more the loyalty card means you are more likely to remain LOYAL.

Consider the information you want to help your customers remain loyal and buy more.

Window Companies.  Customer buys new windows for one side of house.  They could well be in the market for more windows later or want a conservatory, a new door or perhaps they will be extending.  Note what windows they have bought. Check they are happy, offer a promotion on additional Windows.  Note when they might want the new Conservatory – Contact them.

Restaurants: Don’t just get a testimonial, Note down dietary requirements, get dates of birthdays and anniversaries. Why? Great idea would be to email or mail a card together with an offer saying its your birthday/anniversary next week, next month come and celebrate with us and we will give you a bottle of house wine when you book your table.  Remain in contact with new menus, theme nights and offers.

Stationery and Office Supplies:  Note the products bought. Will they need to re-order. Send them reminders before the product runs out.  E.g Businesses buy reams of paper.  Note down when they buy!  Why not offer 100gsm at the same price as 80gsm when you believe they are down to their last ream.  Add value. Remain in contact and they will remain loyal.

You get the picture.  It is about collecting the right data for the business you are in and remaining in contact. This is key! So get in the habit of collecting data and follow up.

The follow ups can be via Birthday and anniversary cards, don’t forget Thank You Cards, Blogs, Newsletters, offers, Competitions, Events.
Remember Databases or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems should be a key part of your marketing strategy.  Once set up -  it will be easy to add too.  You will then be able to specifically target your customers with relevant information and offers.

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