Do you have Nothing to Wear or just confused by your over stuffed and unworkable Wardrobe?
11th October 2011
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Do you get confused at what to wear each day?
Do you have too much of one thing not enough of another?
Do you find that nothing matches or is out of date?

In fact do you have NOTHING TO WEAR?

This is a shout that Vanessa and her team at Image by Vanessa hear almost on a daily basis.

If you are like me a bit of an impulse buyer I end up with a mish-mash of clothes.  I have either bought because I like the colour, style or it was a BARGAIN!! And sadly never worn it again!

Vanessa is putting me straight and in the process saving me a fortune!

Firstly I need a Capsule Wardrobe

Everyone needs a little capsule wardrobe made up of five to six pieces for each season, one that not only updates last seasons’ clothes, but one that you can mix and match and can be worn on several occasions.

When you are a busy working woman you need outfits that you can put together quickly in the morning, that you feel comfortable in and you look the part.  Always remember you only get once chance to make a first impression, and when you look good you feel good because every day you meet someone new for the first time. Ideally the first hour of the day is the time you put aside for yourself, and you do not want to be spending it fighting with your wardrobe.
One of the most important tips Vanessa gave me is to sort your wardrobe, a bit like pruning your roses – scary! As I was always told to have your roses pruned by your worst enemy as the cut will be the deepest – but the benefits are Huge!

•    Any piece of clothing you haven't worn for two seasons get rid of it, you will only clutter your new clothes with things you hardly wear.
•    Hang all your trousers separately from your tops
•    Hang your jackets separate from your skirts.
•    Hang in groups of colours.
•    Do the same for your accessories. Ideally hang them on the inside of the wardrobe door so you can see instantly what goes with what.

Organise your wardrobe in this way and it will save time and is much easier
to mix and match your clothes.
So what are the key essentials to a capsule wardrobe?
•    Skirt – in particular a Plain pencil skirt – Masai have a wonderful calf length Jersey pencil skirt in Black and a Taupe colour, ideal for mixing and matching.  The skirt is wonderfully flattering and very slimming.
•    Trousers or the ‘in’ new look Treggings from Pomodoro
•    Jacket – this can be soft or tailored depending on your style, but consider what the Jacket will go with.  Even a smart tailored jacket can look fab with denim jeans for a dressed down but smart casual look.
•    Tops: Consider shirts, blouses, sweaters, tunics.  Consider the colours and what they will work with.
•    And of course the little black dress is always a useful addition to any wardrobe!
•    Accessories:  Scarves, jewellery, shoes and boots can all help to pull a ‘look’ together and create variety when the basics are the same.
Vanessa says their customers are always welcome to bring in anything they have bought that might need an accessory or something that will update it and make it a bit more edgy.

The Autumn and Winter ranges including Masai, Dynasty, Sandwich, Pomodoro, Vetono, In Town are coming in now so there is much to choose from and something that will suit your figure and your style and way of life. 

So drop into Image by Vanessa and take advantage of their expertise in dressing women and get your capsule wardrobe working for you!
They are open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 5pm down on Milford Marina.  Call for further information on 01646 429 205

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