Clerkenhill Adventure challenge you to Frisbee Golf
9th July 2014
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From the desk of Ian Buckle Community Projects and Srvices Coordinator;

As the newest member to the bestof Pembrokeshire team I enjoy the chance to go out and about and meet the business members.  I have made a discovery that captures the interest and imagination.  Have you ever asked the question “Why have I not known about this before?” leaving you feeling that you have, somehow, been missing out.

I experienced one of these moments during my visit to “LOCAL and LOVED”, Clerkenhill Adventure Farm.

The revelation concerned “FRISBEE” golf.

We are not talking here about the lightweight beach Frisbees. No, these Sport Frisbees. have a little more substance to them, providing a more predictable flight path and control. This has a more Professional feel and therefore a more satisfying experience. Not just a pastime, but most definitely a fledgling SPORT.

The potential for this challenging yet accessible sport, is inspiring and one wonders why this type of activity is not more widespread.

As one who spent time, money and effort gathering the equipment and skills to play golf (badly might I say), here was something that provides the interest, expanding skill level and exercise one expects from golf, without the costly outlay of equipment and accoutrements.

Yes, you know what I am saying. Golf. Buy the clubs. the balls, more balls, the clothes, the fees, the lessons, more lessons, the driving range, the time, etc, etc. Some say that golf spoils a good walk, for others it is the hub around which the rest of the world revolves.

Whatever your opinion, it takes commitment, time and effort to become skilful, as well as, the resilience and ability required to cope with the frustrations and vagaries of the sport. However, most will tell you how enjoyable and addictive the pastime can be.

What if I could show you how to enjoy the same fun, experience the same feeling of accomplishment, feel the health benefits of gentle exercise and get the bragging rights for rising to the challenge, but without the costly need for the outlay of time and money?

That’s exactly what the LOCAL business family at Clerkenhill have provided at their facility on the A40. Fribee golf will surprise you on all levels and will leave you wondering, like I did, why this is not more widely available.

While I was there, I met a family from Burnley, visiting on holiday. They hadn’t been able to come for a couple of years but first port of call was the Frisbee golf at Clerkenhill to renew the fond, family memories that the Frisbee golf had given them. The whole family could compete on a level playing field. Mum led the honours with the kids snapping at her heels. Maybe dad was just giving them a head start.

If Golf has validity as a bona fide sport, then I can see no reason why this too should not gain credibility. Here in Pembrokeshire you have the opportunity to experience the challenge and enjoy the sport, thanks to Clerkenhill. So, whether you are LOCAL or a visitor, don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try but beware, you may just become hooked.

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