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It’s been a long time since all most people wanted were their two front teeth...
We all like a great smile and here we share a recent blog by our favourite dental practice in Pembrokeshire.
You are what you eat so the saying goes and this is never more true when it comes to having healthy teeth and gums. Pembrokeshire Dental Centre advocate a healthy diet, low in sugar and includes these top 7 foods.
Pembrokeshire Dental Practice in Newport are often asked to make recommendations on what's best for your brush...
There's good reason why traffic on our roads multiplies over the holiday season...
The truth is that more people lose teeth due to gum disease than anything else. Let's make sure you're not one of them!
If you do just one thing...
If you do just one thing...
2016 is around the corner and a lot of us will use it as a trigger to make a concerted effort to get on top of things that a busy life (or cashflow) has forced us to fall behind with.
If you are having problems with your feet that require medical assessment, consider giving the experts at Foot Focus a call.
Pembrokeshire Dental Care share some great facts about Wisdom teeth.
Help with footcare
Help with footcare
If you are diabetic you’ll know you need to pay particular attention to footcare. And looking after our feet should be a priority for the rest of us too.
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