Your Accountant Should Do More For You Than Just Your Business Accounts
17th August 2015
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What does your current accountant actually offer you? Do they merely prepare your business accounts for you to go through reams of paperwork and endless headaches for your tax return, or do they offer a comprehensive service to support and aid your business in everything accountancy related? 

When choosing an accountant it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best deal - it may be a great feeling when you save 10% off your fees, but if there’s no free support when you’ve got an urgent question then the savings can quickly diminish! Choosing an accountant that offers free telephone advice can be an invaluable asset when it comes to your tax returns each year or if you need to decide the best way to finance a large asset.

How do you record all of your income and expenditure? Excel spreadsheets can be great, but they’re no match for specific accounting software; your accountant may be able to offer great deals on discounted software packages to make your life that little bit easier! What’s more, accountancy firms are now starting to offer business development courses to take some of the stress out of business accounting, and to help your filing system look a little neater than a pile of invoices and disorganised receipts!

Remember, when using the services of an accountant it’s important that not only do they help prepare you for your tax returns each year, but that they make the whole process easier to manage all year round, ultimately saving you time and money come January!

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