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Wouldn’t we all like that perfectly straight, whiter than white smile, just like the film stars and celebrities? Of course we would, and we’d probably all like it without the celebrity price tag as well!
For many brides to be the wedding dress is the most important part of the overall wedding ceremony. Every wedding is unique and your dress should reflect your own personal style and taste. However, for many brides hoping to find ‘the perfect dress’’, the process of picking a gown from a bridal shop can become a little overwhelming at times. To help pick the perfect gown for your big day, here are some helpful steps that will help you to choose your wedding dress.
Wedding advertising is typically summer-based, with brides wafting around flowery gardens and wedding dresses carefully arranged in the sun. However, a winter wedding can be just as lovely and Kate gives some tips for the season and some recommended Oxfordshire businesses that can help with your winter wedding.
It can feel almost depressing to leaf through the wedding magazines and see the same styles for wedding dresses, venues, catering etc. trotted out to choose from. Theme of the year, colour of the moment, style of the century – which one to choose being your main decision.
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