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Another week has passed and that can only mean one thing! It’s the weekend and time for you to explore and enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer! From stories and buttery toast to an afternoon picnic and a day filled with orienteering, there’s something for everyone in this week’s ‘What’s on in Oxford this weekend?’ For more details, head on over to our website:
You’re never short of a thing or two to do in Oxford, but in case you were wondering what the hottest things in town were this weekend, take a look at our list of what-not-to-miss! There are things for the whole family, from a celebration of Alice in Wonderland, to a street festival, plus a whole lot more – Oxford’s got it all! For more details, head on over to our website:
Punting is a fantastic way to explore the River Thames and view Oxford from a different vantage point. It’s also great for providing entertainment to the locals who, from the sidelines, quietly watch a slightly inebriated visitor attempt it for the first time!
The term ‘punting’ comes from the latin term ‘ponto’, meaning a flat-bottomed boat. Usually, punting takes place upon narrow boats which are square at both ends and propelled by a long pole (think Venetian gondolas, though technically those are propelled with an oar, not a pole!) and often chauffeured. We’ve compiled 10 of the best reasons you should give this quintessentially English activity a try…
A selection of cocktail bars in Oxford. Some top recommendations for places to try on your next evening out in Oxford.
An extraordinary new aerial drama, by acclaimed playwright Tanika Gupta MBE comes to Pegasus in Oxford. Mind Walking explores what happens to a family when the mind of Bobby, an elderly Indian man starts to unravel
Light Up A Life
Light Up A Life
Helen & Douglas House remembers and celebrates life with an evening of beautiful music including operatic performances and the Oxford Gospel Choir.
The 2011 Oxtoberfest will once again be raising money for the Sobell House Hospice from 14th – 17th April.
LINC doesn’t just help people who have been diagnosed with Cancer. Their research post is looking into causes, cures and innovative outcomes and so many people will unknowingly benefit from this.
Jazz at the Movies
Jazz at the Movies
Razzmajazz, a quintent of local jazz all stars, promises an enthusiastic night and blend of all things jazz worthy.
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