The Unicorn School Walks for Maasai Children
13th July 2011
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54 Unicorn pupils walked 3 miles along the Ridgeway with 2 questions in their minds:

1. What’s it like to have to walk that far to school every day (even without elephants in the way!)
2. How much money could they raise for their
friends at Mwalimu School, near Loliondo in Tanzania?


The group made the 3 mile walk to West Ilsley in a little over an hour, emulating the trek their friends in Africa have to do twice each day getting to school and back.

Unicorn teacher Mike Pickett who oversaw the exercise commented “Walking an hour or more to an under-funded school, with the route possibly blocked by elephants along the way, is not that easy to comprehend. This not only helps do a little fundraising, but also helps to educate our pupils with a broader understanding of the world and its differing cultures.”

With some very generous support the Unicorn School has exceeded its £2,500 target, this money can now be sent directly to help Mwalimu School and their ongoing development.



The Unicorn School is a unique, co-educational day school for dyslexic, dyspraxic and dyscalculic children aged from 6 to 13 years, serving the 4 counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire.



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