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20th May 2010
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From Barretts Self Storage:

The effect of word-of-mouth recommendation is often the strongest form of marketing your business. This has certainly been the case for us recently, when an accountant we knew realized that his client was a victim of her own success and struggling to cope with all the new business she was getting.

During maternity leave she started to design knitwear and was incredibly successful at having her designs accepted by a very high profile fashion chain. This entailed sourcing a knitwear manufacturer in China to create her product for her and ship them to the U.K.

A small family home is just about able to cope with the arrival of the new range for each season, as they are shipped out quickly to the retailer, but when they have been launched into an e-commerce site as well and there are then potentially hundreds of new clients to be shipped to, her family home is literally bursting at the seams.

This is where we have been able to come in. Each new range is now being shipped direct to us from China, we check it and put it into store. We then deliver out the wholesale stock to the retailers, along with all the smaller orders for the individual customers. We are even coping with any of the returns that come back.

Our client can now concentrate on her core business of designing the knitwear, along with its marketing – the part that she enjoys and leave the humdrum pick, pack and dispatch side to us – the part that we have the expertise in. Everyone’s a winner!

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