How long can we protect Oxford's Green Belt from development?
6th August 2010
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The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has worked to protect Green Belts; irreplaceable local environmental resources and countryside. The group also helps with planning issues, promotes locally grown food and supports wildlife; so we can enjoy where we live and work. 

After 50 years the Oxford Green Belt, covering over 33,000 hectares of land in and around the city, is still vital to protect the character of our ancient city from 'urban sprawl' and inappropriate development.

The Guardian website lists areas where many developments are proposed for Oxford, including several housing development sites, expanded Park and Ride facilities and wind turbine sites. On one hand, we may recognise the need for more houses and greener energy resources, and boy, doesn't Thornhill Park and Ride become full so quickly. We may say we don't want these developments in 'our back garden', but the pressures are there and faced. Hopefully by working sympathetically with local residents and campaigners, the 'best' decisions will be made.

To find out more about CPRE Oxfordshire, click here. You may be moved to get involved!

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