Did you watch the telly today?
13th September 2010
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The BBC have reported that repair work on the Oxford mast this week at Beckley may cause disruption to daytime viewing.

Work this week will complete repair work caused by a fire earlier this year and also preparations for the switch over to digital next year.

I wonder how many people simply sit and watch daytime television. Personally I couldn't imagine doing that...and  doing nothing else. Am I missing out on something? I sometimes don't have time to call Mother, there's always something else to do:

  • the ironing
  • writing letters (I'm really quite a traditional kinda gal!)
  • tidying up the children's toys - the railways track combinations are so creative, it is sometimes shame to put them away!
  • read books...there are sooo many to read, even glorious cook books to help inspire meal times
  • ....no. I don't have time to sit and watch, let alone notice if there's any disruption to service. In fact, I feel I hardly have time to sit and write this blog as much as I'd like!

ping me an email if you've read this....it would be great to hear from you, especially if you can tell me where the best bonfires and firework displays will be on November 5th. 

BBC website


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