78 Year old tackles great white sharks for Hospice
9th June 2010
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Trish who has been a volunteer at Sobell for over 30 years, only decided to take the plunge after her initial fundraising plan of wing-walking on an old WWI biplane were blocked by the aviation authority.
Her bravery/craziness in swimming with a selection of hungry aquatic predators including the fabled Great White has already raised a staggering £9,000 and more is expected to come in before she takes the plunge on Saturday.
Fundraiser, Kevin Game said: "Trish really is a tireless supporter of Sobell House and over the years has raised a huge amount for Sobell at the Moonlight Stroll and just last year she threw herself out of a plane for Help the Aged.
It is quite remarkable how hard she works for people who are in difficult situations and she is one of our most dedicated supporters. Thanks Trish!"


For more information on Trish or her shark dive contact the Kevin Game on 01865 857012 or email kevin@sobellhospice.org
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