5 Easy Steps to Your Own Professionally Printed Book
12th August 2015
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Whether you’ve already got a book waiting patiently in your computer documents, or you’re about to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, have a read of these 5 easy steps that will debunk the publishing ‘maze’ and see you holding your very own book in no time!

1.      Review and check content: Proof reading and copy editing

You’ve written your book and now it’s time to check you’re 100% happy with the content. Having spent such a long time on one project, it can be advisable to hire a professional proof reader and copy editor to ensure everything is faultless; from punctuation and grammar to sentencing and continuity, everything can be checked and perfected to ensure a smooth read.

 2.      Design your book

This is where the real fun begins! Now is the time to choose a cover design and any photographs or illustrations that you want to include to bring your book alive. Typefaces and page layout need to be agreed with your printer, too. If you’d like to add any finishing touches, such as ribbon bookmarks, special materials, embossed and/or foil lettering, let your printer know now before the proofing phase.

 3.      Proofing

The moment you’ve been waiting for - you get the chance to see and feel your book for the first time! If you’re not quite happy with the finished article, let your printer know and they’ll make the necessary changes to make your book the product of your dreams!

 4.      Printing

Having liaised with your printer, you will have been advised on the most suitable and cost effective printing method for your project.  Now, after all your hard work and dreams of being a published author, your book is ready to be brought to life! But it’s not quite finished just yet…

 5.      Binding

All that’s left is the binding process. Your printer should offer you a range of binding processes to ensure longevity and easy of reading as well as a professional finish. The most popular method uses hot-melt glue along the spine to seamlessly secure all of the pages together and it’s known as ‘perfect binding’. 

And there you have it, your book is born and it’s time to celebrate as a new author! Publishing your novel, children’s adventure book, biography or educational ‘how-to’ needn’t be a traumatic task; self-publishing can be a fun and exciting adventure which enables you to be in charge of the overall outcome, ensuring you get the result that you want!

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